Free Voice Lessons – Lesson Three


Another great week of excellent work and great comments!

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This week’s lesson introduced the concept of preparing, prior to practice and performing, and a simple distinction on physical awareness.  We also discussed the musicianship topics of “bass clef”, 2/4  time.  The vocal topic for this week includes tongue trills.  Finally, we had a special invitation to post your singing to YouTube and put a link here so that we can all hear.  Again, the idea is to “guess” the emotional state and circumstances you’re projecting.  An, exciting week!
We covered a lot in Lesson Three of FREE SINGING LESSONS. Now’s your chance to share with the group.

  • Insights
  • Success
  • Obstacles
  • Overall impressions of the lesson (your feedback will be used to improve future lessons).

Also, be sure to note any technical difficulties with the videos or include any other comments taht you feel would be helpful in improving this program.

I look forward to hearing from you!


PS: When posting to this blog, if you are under the age of 18, please do not include any identifying comments – ie, don’t include your school or if in a small town, don’t mention the name of the town.  If you live in LA, no problem… or to mention your state is fine.  By all means, DO NOT include phone number, address.


245 Responses to Free Voice Lessons – Lesson Three

  1. Ajhitha says:

    Stephen!!!!!!! Your lessons are really really awesome. Tongue trills works so well in clearing the voice. I’m able to feel difference in just one practice. Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips with us. Looking forward to hear the other lessons too 🙂

  2. isha says:

    Hi I am enjoying the lessons lesson three I need to practice more I am doing these lesson to improve my singing they are very helpful

  3. Angee says:

    I want to improve my singing voice and increase my confidence. I want to hear what God, my family, and friends hear.

  4. Skyya Brooks says:

    New to this site… I haven’t really taken any interest in singing but I can rhyme, and I have pain in me that if I can’t hold it in let it rot my mind, body, and soul then I can put it into song…

  5. Claire says:

    I haven’t started using this yet but I think it will be great

  6. Ace says:

    Tongue trills are definitely challenging for me! A lot harder than the lip trills.

  7. Dominic says:

    Tongue trills are hard!!
    I tried the demo for the new site; it’s cool, but costs, so I’ll stay with the old one thanks:)
    I don’t have YouTube, so I can’t do the assignment…. but I watched
    ‘katejap’s video, and she was sad. Good work Katejap! 😉

  8. These lessons are a lot of fun, I can already hear a difference in my singing. The tonque trills are fun. Thanks for offering these lessons.

  9. kathleen says:

    It was challenging!

  10. marilyn flores says:

    the tongue trills are tough. hopefully it gets easier

  11. Kendra Standish says:

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to develop my voice! I feel that I am improving drastically already even just after 3 weeks. Thank you!

  12. Ralph says:

    good job Stephen. Having a little problem with the tongue trills. Stops trilling at the last not. However did fine with mah an moh. I’m able to do each note. My breathing is good no problem in all nine note of all scales

  13. Billy Ross III says:

    Hi Stephen. I had a great lesson today. The tongue trills were a little bit difficult but when it came to the mahs and mohs, it got a little bit easier. I want to thank you, Stephen, for the lesson. It is helping me to be a better singer.


    I got a bit sidetracked with vacations and a changing work schedule. Found it difficult getting in enough air during the exercises. The lesson seemed different and a bit unnatural ,but if I can find the time to put in I should be just fine. My singing has improved drastically since day one of the lessons. Thankx for all that you have done!

  15. the lesson only lasted 3mins? 😦

  16. Julia says:

    It was a good lesson, thanks ! This format is better than the other one I think. It’s easier to take the time to practice each section and it’s easier to rewind the different parts.
    Thanks again ! I will practice everyday until next week as always !

  17. katejap says:

    My singing isn’t cool. Neither is my voice. But homework is homework…
    leave it here

  18. katejap says:

    Oh my! Do I really have to post my “Happy Birthday” singing here? Humilating….

  19. patrice says:

    Thank you, Stephen, for sharing your time, your knowledge and talent. The way you teach is exactly what I was looking for.
    I’m working on making the time to commit to the lessons.
    That being said, I will comment with more detail down the line as soon as I free up more time…but THANKS so much!

  20. Mike says:

    Another great lesson, although doing the second set of lip trills were a bit harder to master, but practice won in the end

  21. Chasity says:

    I am grateful for these lessons. They are really helping me. I am excited to keep going.
    I think that the new format is great. I like how it is broken into segments. It helps with note-taking, and it helps me follow the different sections provided in each lesson.

  22. Ashh says:

    Hii Stephen! Thanks for providing the opportunity to progress in singing! I love to sing, I love music- can’t function without it , I just have one problem…. I’m a vajayjay when it comes to singing infront of someone.. My goal is to break that tendency and become confident enough to sing infront of anyone anytime !
    My idol is Christina Aguilera. I want to be able to sing like her.. I’ve been studying how she plays with her vocals and I practice that repeatedly.
    My music preference is pop, R&B, some hiphop/rap, country & some rock.
    Oh, and I’m from Canada. 👌😁

  23. KB says:

    Thanks for reminding me to set an inspiring goal. I had almost already forgotten that my original motive was to sing a beautiful moving solo in church someday…someday possibly very far away 🙂

    To answer your questions about format I think I like one video better than multiple but don’t mind too much either way. So far the only issue I’ve encountered is that I can’t watch them on my phone so I just have to use my lap top which isn’t a huge problem.

    Thanks for the lessons, much appreciated!!

  24. Beth says:

    Hi Stephen, I got sidetracked and wasn’t able to begin my lessons during the first week :o( But I blocked off the calendar and am restarting at Lesson 1. My only problem is breath control. I can’t get enough air to last for the length of the humming exercise. I have shallow breathing from scoliosis and I don’t have full lung capacity. I need two breaths to finish the line, but it is improving. Can these exercises work with diaphragm breathing? I do diaphragmatic breathing exercises every day. Thanx for the help.

  25. miguel says:

    I had a bit of a hard time following the instructions, but it all worked out very well thanks for the new lesson

  26. Clemence says:

    Great exercise but can’t see the video because I’m using my mobil phone

  27. Kenneth Moore Sr. says:

    I was so tired when I started, but now I feel so energetic! Thanx!

  28. Kyle says:

    great lessons Stephen! I think I’m seeing some improvement already 😀 I am singing at a wedding this coming May and I want to improve as much as I can, as well as I have a dream of preforming on stage someday! and hopefully I’m on the right path with your lessons 🙂

  29. Algirdas Z says:

    I am finding that this lessons exercises are more challenging, but this is just the kind of thing I feel is very useful to master. Tongue trills while harder for me and a bit unnatural are quite fun. The format is more easily controlled now so if I feel like getting back to certain point in a lesson it’s much easier to get there and that’s certain plus. I am feeling improvement of my voice already and I have you to thank for it.

  30. Denize says:

    I didnt get the lession. Just the intro to lession 3 😦

  31. celine says:


    I love ur lessons and im improving alot,but can u make the videos downloadable?coz i only use my phone to surf the net and my phone does not support flash player…thanks!

  32. Sacha says:

    Thanks for another great lesson. Tongue trills are a little easier than the lip trills – currently trying to master both (with great difficulty LOL). I’m still enjoying the breathing exercises. My vocals are improving every week.

  33. Kebar says:

    This is only the first lesson and I gained a lot of valuable info. Looking forward to these next weeks

  34. Kimmie says:

    Lesson 3 was a little challenging but loosened my vocals thanks for the great lesson. I can’t wait for the next .!

  35. Lily says:

    HI There!
    This is my tumblr post of your assignment. Sorry about the noise and if u think the voice isnt clear. Use headphones if u may. M a total ‘noob’ when it comes to such things.

    Thanks! Waiting for lesson 4!!!

  36. Lily says:

    I always get to learn something new with each of your new video. The message at the beginning was really encouraging both while singing and in life. One of the main reasons I joined your lessons is because I wanted to work on my confidence level. And your positive videos have been very helpful.
    I just want to know if lip trills are all that important, I know it is a stupid question but it has been all lot of time and I am just not getting the hang of it.
    And yes, the smaller videos are helpful especially because the videos just take forever to load here in India, with smaller back to back videos it has been less ticking 🙂
    Thanks for putting so much effort into each lesson and looking forward to the next lesson.

  37. Leancy says:

    Hi, i like your lessons, but i have a question. I was recovering me and i don’t like my voice on tape, it’s because I can’t sing or?
    Thank you 🙂

  38. Christine says:

    Stephen, that worked really well, breaking the lesson up into segments; this made it much easier for me to review and recall and work with over this coming week and if I revisit it in the future.
    I loved the bit about goals right up front. I thought about this: actually the times when I really feel that “inner fire” welling up are when I am walking round the grocery store and suddenly a good song comes over the intercom, and I stop, forget about the shopping and get lost with it for a moment (not out loud though)! But I go home inspired, thinking: “I’d really LOVE to sing THAT one” and dreaming how I’d sing it in front of an audience…..
    As for the rest of the video: I agree, developing a habit of standing and good posture works much better in the long run.
    Tongue trills? Having being brought up by 2 scots, tongue trills are second nature to me, especially at the moment as it is cold here in the UK, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! And I loved the exercises with the different intervals, but you are right: the 2nd one was tricky – moving from 51 to 41 takes concentration.
    I really appreciated what you said about communication (sub-text), what I might call the spirit one sings in – now I think that would be fun posting different articulations of Happy Birthday (or in different “moods” I should say) but I am having a problem with the technology: a) I am not sure how to post the typed transcripts I sent to you on to the members’ site, b) I have never made a video or audio recording and posted it on to youtube and am not sure how to do this.
    Thanks for all the useful tips, I am able to put these into practice on Friday nights at choir practice and on Sundays, as well as practicing during the week.

    Just to add to my earlier post (under Lesson 3 video):

    You asked us to imagine we were performing on stage in front of supportive friends. I felt my confidence level rising and noticed the difference straight away. Confidence makes such a difference to quality!

    I thought you explained the vocabulary/musicianship section very well for beginners. “Pick up” was a new term for me – I wonder if this is an Americanism? Without looking it up, I think this is maybe what we call an “anacrusis” in the UK where the part value of the first bar and the part value of the last bar equals the total number of beats.

    I am also looking forward to listening to the interviews you sent and the next lesson, when I have done some serious practice this week!
    As we are in the middle of a very grey, cold and wet January, it’s nice and cheering to have a positive goal to work towards over the winter months and to think how much better I’ll be able to sing by the summer – thanks so much for your gift to us, Stephen.

  39. Nick says:

    Thank you very very much for this great quality opportunity , look forward to continuing with the next lesson .

  40. Lilyana says:

    I love the program but not the 6 part format. You should go back to the 1 part format. It is a lot easer to understand. But I am making a little bit of improvement.

    -Lilyana Mears

  41. Amanda says:

    my voice is already becoming stronger.

  42. Mercy says:

    OH and I LOVE the new format!

  43. Mercy says:

    Fun lesson! good techniques to practice

  44. Allaisa says:

    thank you so much this lesson was very insightful

  45. Chad says:

    I would just like to start off saying I’ve had a few complements on my vocal improvement. This has boosted my confidence considerably.
    As far as goals, my immediate goal is to improve the vocals on songs I’ve written.The next goal is to take that music around to places and get some open mic night time.After that not sure but,maybe even be semi-pro and make a little money while I’m at it.

  46. Singing Sally says:

    I much prefer this format. It gives musicians the option of skipping the vocab and musicianship section instead of being obligated to sit through it. Also, in previous lessons there were times I had wanted to re-hear some points, but could not do so without replaying the whole lesson. This new format has solved this issue.

  47. Monika Paas says:

    Lessen 3 is a great and relaxed warm up-

  48. india says:

    this was tough but i am most definitely hopeful 🙂

  49. betty says:

    I like the separations in the video, makes it easier to review a certain lesson over and over. enjoying the drills although not very good at it yet.

  50. Harianne says:

    I will try to do the tongue trills, but as I’m unable to pronounce a rolled r it is veeeery difficult to me. I’m going to try with the french rolled r, the one that is rolled in the very back of the mouth… it will be a challenge though…

    As for the youtube video, I will try! I don’t like people listening in to my exercisig, but I’ll try to get over it and post it in a comment down here as soon as I’m done ^_^

    Aside from that, very interesting lesson! As usual, I loved the theory and I look forward to trying the new breathing exercise!

  51. Hara says:

    the tongue trills are tough for me but I’m excited and i can’t wait for the next lessons…also the beginning of lessn 3 was really encouraging

  52. sahrish says:

    hey stephen.. i so love ur lessons.. they have made our singing experience even more easy and fun. ur new video format is just awesome.. well i have a little problem in understanding 3/4 note and tongue trills.. but over all it was perfect.. 😀

  53. Christine says:

    oh and also… thank you for sharing about the dreams and what your grandma would say…

  54. Christine says:

    Hey Stephen!! Very nice !! I love the new format, and also the tongue trills !! 🙂
    I’m sure this will really help me a lot – A big thank you !!

  55. Myguyd says:

    I like those lessons, as a beginner, its easy to follow and do!
    And I can feel that my singing is already improving
    Thanks Stephen

  56. Richard says:

    I also like the format of the videos better

  57. Richard says:

    This video is great!

  58. B Jay says:

    I liked these tongue thrills. I am now getting somewhere with my singing lessons. Thanx a lot, Steven.

  59. Benjamin says:

    You’re the best. Thanks a lot boss. I want to let you know that I’ll be better! Absolutely.

  60. Aliyah says:

    I like the new format better than the old one. I noticed that my voice sounds a little stronger than before! Love the lessons

  61. Elizabeth Starford says:

    this lesson was good. i like the fact that i had to do on my own what i learn in the previous lesson to warm up. the exercises was great. the tongue trills are still a little difficult to do. doing that video about happy birthday may be a challenge for me but i’ll try.

  62. Derrick says:

    I like lesson three. It’s easy and fun. The moe part is kinda like pronociation singing.

  63. Robyn says:

    Love this series of lessons. imformitave and easy to follow. helping to get my vioce back in shape

  64. mathew says:

    you do tongue trills so easily-but they are a bit tough.needs lot of practise

  65. Dubravka says:

    Thanks Stephen, each new lesson is new challenge for me..I love your singing program ,end this new exercises are so cool…I don”t have any problem to do It..And thanks for message from your life..Newer give up of your dream…that is only way to be happy I think..So thanks for those great lessons and God Bless you for your kindness and generosity…Dubravka

  66. kenneth says:

    The new format in lesson three does not work better for me. The size of the video is ok with me. I am having problems with the sound being broken up.
    I am having a problem doing the tongue thrills, I can’t seem to do it like you.

  67. billy ross iii says:

    Hi, Stephen, it’s me, Billy, here. The lip trills were much easier than the tongue trills. I have difficulty with tongue trills, but I’ll keep working on it until I get good at it. Stephen, could you friend me on facebook. My facebook name is Billy Skunk. Thank you.

  68. Tammy says:

    Wow, tongue trills are hard. I love the lessons so much. I can’t wait for the next one to pop into my email box. I have an extremely soft, low voice. I’m hoping these lessons won’t only improve my singing but also make my voice stronger. I teach school and need to have a stronger voice. I usually come home hoarse everyday from talking all day long. I would also like to be able to sing well enough to join the church choir. I think that would be awesome. Tammy

  69. Trisha says:

    Tongue trills are hard, I feel like I am trying to purr. Any suggestions on how to make that easier. Thanks for the practice audio. I’m going on vacation for two weeks at the end of the month and will be able to practice on the back of our motorcycle while my husband is driving. 😀 He won’t be able to hear me with the bike and road noise plus we wear our head phones and listen to our mp3 players. Good practice time although I can’t hear my self that well either. Tanks for the lessons.

  70. Ana says:

    Hi, this is helping me a lot..Thank you so much.It’s really helpful because you believe in us. ^^

  71. Lien says:

    Hi, thank you for the lesson =D

  72. louis says:

    thanks, i am trying. to day is my first day to catch on a little. will repeat until i get the hang of it

  73. great this has helped me a lot! thanks

  74. Casper says:

    Thanks for the lessons, but I can’t watch the video’s, so I’m not sure what to do. I’m using my Blackberry for this and it doesn’t support flash player. Is there someone that can help with this issue so that I can watch the video’s on my BB.


  75. Ira Hersey says:


    Try that link. If it don’t work then I am sorry but I can’t do the video 😦

  76. Ira Hersey says:

    Ok I tried seeing if I could put the video on here from my laptop but I guess it wont let me. If I get it then I’ll post it. If not then sorry.

  77. Ira Hersey says:

    Happy Birthday (Free Singing Lessons).m4v

  78. Sudeh says:

    very useful,
    very helpful,
    thank you Stephen.

  79. Justin banks says:

    Wonderful training, i like it

  80. Casimir says:

    Hi Stephen,
    The singing lessons are getting more interesting and the exercises are becoming very challenging. Thankk you for your devotion to providing these singing lessons.

    One thing I had problem with was with the theory portion. I wish there was a pdf file or something that we could download and spend some time learning the concepts and to reinforce theory. I have gotten some books and hope to read up on the theory. Anyway, thanks for a great course.

  81. Justin banks says:

    Hello, i am very very happy, and greatful for all the wonderful lessons may God bless you

  82. yankl says:

    I was really looking for free singing lessons thank you so much but i cant understand you so good because i dont see you at the lesson so i cant see how to do the exercises ect. so mayby you can split the screen and in the half screen show you talking

  83. Patrick says:

    I haven’t been able to do the lessons for a while, so I’m just now getting to lesson 3. I have no idea how to post anything to youtube. I like the lesson format in the smaller sections a little better I think. Thank you.

  84. jewells says:

    Lesson Three. Well I dont have a way to post anything to youtube. I think I will upload it to my facebook and let my friends listen.
    (That is if I can figure out a way to record myself. Hmmm.)

    Anyhow, I really enjoyed the lesson. At first I didnt get the breathing exercise. I had to keep backing it up and watching it again so I could figure out what to do. The last one 1, 1, 7, 1, is really hard for me to do. I kept feeling like I was going to pass out. I think I figured out my problem with my singing. It is my breathing. 🙂

  85. neakveaknoreak says:

    Thx a lot Stephen! When i first try tongue trills, it was so difficult!
    Second try i can do it a little! but i hope in one week i will do well!

    I first just hope i can sing but now i really want to b a singer!
    Just only three week i can see my range and breath support
    improve a lot! But when i try to sing with emotions, feelings
    or passion, i tend to forget the lyric!

    Mayb i am just a beginner! I also introduce ur program to
    some of my friends. hopefully they will join too!

  86. Jodie says:

    Lesson 2 was was good- I learned something new each time. Although the horselips were hard for me I will conquer them,

  87. Scott says:

    i REALLY LIKE THE BREAK DOWN OF LESSONS INTO SHORTER VIDEOS. It makes it alot easier for me to do the lessons at my own pace. Thanks

  88. Heather says:

    i want so badly to become an excellant singer. Thank you for taking the time to help me achive my dream!

  89. Sasha says:

    Hey Stephen! Yeah….I’m still trying to catch up. I just recovered from sickness. But, I’m doing all my exercises early now. This format is MUCH better. I’d rather have my lessons broken up rather than cramming it in one setting. 😀

  90. Virginia says:

    I did eventually get all of the videos to play for me. I like this format and the bigger the screen the better. Here is the link to my Birthday song on YouTube:
    Thank you.

  91. Virginia says:

    Thanks for lesson three. Although, only video one of six played for me. I plan on trying again later. As for lesson two: I am noticing some progress on my lip trills, mmms, and ahs. I am really enjoying my practice time. Thanks again.

  92. Patricia Parent says:

    I found this lesson frustrating, because, try as I might, one thing I have never been able to do is trill my tongue!!!!! I had hoped that you would tell me what to do to get my tongue to the point where I could do that. Without that skill, this lesson wasn’t too helpful to me.—–Patricia

  93. Candace says:

    hey, I have no idea if i am missing lesson 5 or if you still have not sent it…i have been waiting… thanks!

  94. Lyssa says:

    Okay hi it’s Lyssa. I’m having a lot of problems projecting my voice and singing higher notes. I think it’s my head voice but I’m not really sure. Do you think there could be a lesson on that?

  95. Sandra says:

    Hi Steve
    I’m sorry but I did not receive the entire Lesson 3. Video only featured the introduction, which was a 3:48 minutes video. But I was able to listen to the exercises for this week. Hopefully I can get the entire lesson posted again.

    Loved the first two lessons. Thank you!!

  96. annabelle says:

    just after the first lesson my voice was better and still getting better 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  97. annabelle says:

    ive wanted to be a singer since i was 6 years old now i am 14 my family (and friends) have helped me but no one thought of looking online for singing lessons (because im not the best singer…yet) so finaly i looked it up and i found singing results and now im here but anyway only a few people know that im taking lessons and since i do like mini family and friends “concert” thingys i will blow everyone else away hehehe everyone will be like “huh!?” hahaha thats what keeps me singing everytime i know i have a lesson i cant wait to do it because it means im getting closer to blowing everyone away and because its my dream to become a singer
    you can help me out by liking my facebook page called MadAceOfHearts thanks for all the help 😀 🙂 ❤

  98. kris says:

    So far only the intro(1st video) has played, I was able to download the mp3’s …kris

  99. helsbels71 says:

    Hi there, thanks again Stephen for another great lesson. i prefered it split up into smaller sections but am still happy if you decide to keep to the old format of all in one section. i can not do tongue trills at all my tongue does not want to co-operate at the moment lol but my lip trills have been improving as i found them difficult at first, so i will not give up. Regards Helen!

  100. Phyllis says:

    Steve it ‘s Phyllis I’m finally here in the members area I had so much trouble finding where to type in my information remember I’m the one wiut the talking computer that had a great speech prgram I have to use the right key stroke commands but if I’m not sure what I’m doign anyway, my great computer teacher has helped me! anyway, i’ve listen to all the lessons so far and the interviews with the professionals singers are very helful in giving people tips about singing. I can do lip trils thanks to you! My other teacher had trouble explaining how to do them and I can tell she was gettinf frustrated I’m totally blind anyway, you had a great way of explaining gently pinch your cheek to help you naturally do it so thank you!

  101. Kev says:

    either video format is good. i’m trying to take in all the good pointers & put them in practice. i stand for my entire lesson now & i notice a difference. i downloaded “pitchperfector” the other day & must say it is money well spent. yes i did see some improvement in 10 minutes as the marketing claims but the massive improvement over the last few days is incredible. i am doing the three note scale from c3 to c4 & am hitting & hovering on/around the note 95% of the time. to be able to see in real time where you are reaching is helps you realise how body/head position affect your sound. also how to use your stomach muscles for more control. my confidence is growing more & more each time i practice. you’re a dead set legend stephen

  102. Paulo says:

    I almost forgot it … I like the new video format, the lesson break into pieces for the stages of the lesson is a good idea … but I like the previous size of video … anyway your lessons are so good that anything else is irrelevant.

  103. Paulo says:

    I almost give up with tongue trills … they were so difficult for me! may be that’s why I can’t hit very high notes … now I can do tongue trills not perfectly but good … anyway I’m only a begginer so it has to be hard now, thanks Stephen for teaching us so many importants techniques . I’ll keep doing my best … never give up

  104. draw says:

    lesson three is wonderful!
    already noticing some improvement!
    thanks Stephen!
    more greeeeeeeeese!

  105. Jerry says:

    I had a lot of fun with this lesson, I can already hear a difference in my sing.

  106. Stefani says:

    I had a few problems with this lesson. But as I continued to practice, I have gotten better and
    better. Thank you so much Steven.


  107. James says:

    Stephen thank you very much and really feel big difference in my voice than never before especially on this 3rd lesson.But i apologize for not being able to respond in time because i have challenges pulling me down towards my dreams of succeeding in this lesson.If you think you may help let me know and we share.But never the less great job
    God bless James.

  108. Steven Webber says:

    Hi, Does anyone know where to hear everyones version of happy birthday. I went to youtube but I don’t know where to look? I would like to hear everyone. Also, I will post my own version if I can figure out how to record it and post it. Any hints would be appreciated. Thank you.

  109. Annmarie says:

    i like the lesson 3 format and im seeing good results from the lessons… thank you 🙂

  110. Dan Roschen says:

    Hey im really liking the first two videos. Now for some reason the videos aren’t playing on my computer. I used the same computer and the first two worked but, now none of them work. Did you change the format or something?

  111. Edagr says:

    well am doing very fine with the help of these lessons

  112. Christiana Szymanski says:

    Just finished Lesson 3. I, too, appreciate the Lesson split into smaller segments; it makes it easier to watch. I like doing the lip trills, because it’s something that has always come to me rather easily 😀

    In the years that I’ve been singing, I’ve never learned to read sheet music, so I’m still wrapping my brain around those concepts in the lessons… but I know I will get there, because the lessons have been fairly easy to understand. I will keep working on that. Thank you, Stephen! I look forward to Lesson 4.

  113. John says:

    Very good lesson can’t wait for # 4

  114. victoria says:

    i love lesson three and I like the format it really works for me, i am improving, but i feel a little pain in my throat, when i start to practice, i want to get to those really low notes and high , but i can’t and when i do like i said it hurts my throat, hopefully i can improve on that without any strain in my my voice and throat. please help me if there’s something that i can do about it.

  115. Cathy says:

    I like how you split the lessons. It gave me more time to write notes down.

  116. muna abdi says:

    i realy cant wait for lesson 4

  117. muna abdi says:

    hi………in first of these lessons i was realy doutfull that it will binfit me in any way but u proved me wrong i dont bleave that i can realy see littel change in my voice..i always thout i have a good voice but it need some one to teach me how and the littel i did i can see a diffrence what if i worked more hard…..thanks man.

  118. Chris R says:

    I’ve fallen a bit behind, but still enjoying the lessons. Thank You!
    The split video format works well for me.

  119. Joseph says:

    Hey great lesson, the extended square breath exercises is doing wonders and the tongue trills help out alot as well. The split up video format is also great and I can’t wait for the next lesson.

  120. M.daud fazeli says:

    Hi stephen first of all I would like to thank you for great job your doing for those who want to be singer ,
    I would like to ask you to watch my songs in youtube & please give your opinion on my singing & quality of my voice ,Iam from afghanistan ,Iam do compose ,play &arrange my music ,you are agood teacher .
    you can go to youtube & write daud fazeli I have 5 songs please listen to them specialy to my song {MOTHER} thank you very much for your great help.
    Regards & repect M.Daud fazeli

  121. Tricia says:

    Hey Stephen,

    The lesson again is really great. I’m loving them. But the exercises are frustrating me. You’re talking through them is very distracting. Your voice is much louder than the piano. I cannot hear the notes nor can I keep up with the playing while you’re talking and I feel compelled to turn it off. I understand that you’re “giving lessons” during the exercises but I feel that the reminder before and after is enough. I am still using the piano music from the first lesson because that is the only set of exercises that do not have you talking. I feel like I’m falling behind and wish I knew someone with a piano so I could record these exercises myself & try to catch up. I know it’s a lot to ask because free is free but could I please, please get these exercises without the talking!

  122. Naida says:

    thank for the lessons they have been helping me so much but i am having trouple with the touge trill

  123. Roy says:

    Lesson three was great just like the previous. I’ve been practicing since lesson 1 and I do admit that it has helped my voice to become somewhat clearer. My diction has improved and I can’t wait to see more new results. Some of the obstacles I’ve faced are musicianship lessons because I hardly know about music. Although I’ve been singing for years I had not had the opportunity to catch up on reading music and studying it to such degree. I just hope that does not post an obstacle for me to keep going. Should I look for some outside resource to polish up on the basics? I’m open to any suggestions… Thanks.

  124. Waver says:

    I haven’t been as faithful as I hoped but am turning over a new leaf today. I did lesson three and enjoyed it very much except those tongue trills. I can’t figure out how to make them happen. I look forward to practicing every day this week.

  125. Cary says:

    I’ve been practicing faithfully since I received Lesson 3 and am excited to report that my voice seems to be slowly becoming more resonant. I am also noticing some vibrato, even though none was intended! It seems to be because I am getting better at singing from further down, relaxing my throat, and just letting it happen. I can see that it’s going to take continued vigilant practice before I develop the habit and muscle memory to sing from my diaphragm all the time, but I’m continuing to work at it.

    Obstacles: I am always a little congested in the throat in the morning and tongue trills don’t seem to alleviate that very much. Also, I find that if I to the exercises in the morning my range is not as good and after a few minutes a start sounding a little gravelly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Really looking forward to Lesson 4.

  126. Cary says:

    Another great lesson was some wonderful insights. I have not yet had the opportunity to post anything to Youtube (no mic yet), but I do have a mini-cassette recorder and think I will start recording myself and playing back.

    Tongue trills are interesting. I find that they keep my breathing in check. As I get higher up my range, however, my tongue and jaws get tired. Any suggestions?

  127. Leslie says:

    Posting on You Tube? I will have to think about that… I just made an account with youtube today. New to it. I do like the bread down into 6 sections. Much easier to manuever to different topics. Thank you.

  128. Susan Marlin says:

    Every lesson brings more results.I really enjoy the program Thanks,Susan

  129. Kevin says:

    Just getting back into this after several busy weeks, did a review of this lesson. Some excellent stuff here. I’ve been doing some short recordings of myself singing and listening to them I can see a massive improvement in the quality of my voice. One thing I did notice is that sometimes my voices has a slightly “tired” quality to it that I’m not sure where it’s coming from. if anyone has comments on that I’d appreciate hearing them.

  130. Joyce says:

    Hi Stephen, I really enjoyed lesson 3, the tongue trills are tough for me but I will continue to practice. Thanks, again for a great presentation.

  131. Goran says:

    Hy Stephen!
    Nice one:)
    Though I have to say that I don’t quite understand the difference between tongue trills and lip trills…
    To me they sound a lot alike,
    So I’m hoping we get to work on that:)

  132. Lisa says:

    Hi Stephen.
    I like this new format. It’s easier to replay parts that I don’t remember. I still have trouble with my bridge and pitch, but I hope I can improve with your lessons. Thank you.

  133. Oemas says:


    Tongue trills are great thing. But sometimes it seams, that one part of the throat doesn’t work… I can’t explain this feeling; it’s a kind of discomfort. But I hope I will adapt to this type of exercises. Nevertheless, tongue thrills are a great fun for me.
    There is only one minor thing I don’t like: it’s a wrong aspect ratio of the videos because I see elongated face of Stephen. But maybe it’s just in my PC.

  134. Ed says:

    I’ve been around music my whole life. Feeling like the lessons arent paced enough for me. The breathing exercises are definitely helping, I dont strain like I used to. Finding it hard to stay committed to program when I dont feel challenged. 😦

  135. wanda says:

    Hi, Stephen I Love the slow Pace at which you teach, But the Problem for for me are the Lip exercises, Before I found this Site I’d never Heard of Lip Trills or Any of the Things your Talking about, Its all Forein to me. Don’t know If Im Doing this the right way or not .. But Im Holding onto my Dreams ofbeing A very Good Singer’ GB& Have a Great Week’

  136. wanda says:

    Hi, Stephen I Love the slow Pace at which you teach, But the Problem for for me are the Lip exercises, Before I found this Site I’d never Heard of Lip Trills or Any of the Things your Talking about, Its all Forein to me. Don’t know If Im Doing this the right way or not .. But Im Holding onto my Dreams ofbeing A very Good Singer’

  137. CJ says:

    once again, great lesson!!!

  138. Tom says:

    These lessons are great. I actually feel 100% more relaxed after each session. Typically, I complete them before bed and then fall asleep feeling delightful. Making solid progress on voice quality. Thanks much Stephen.

  139. Gilbert says:

    Hi Stephen,
    All is going very fine, I do the exercises regularly, and enjoy great improvement, many thanks again,

  140. Ernest says:

    I’m still having trouble with the lip and tongue trills, but still working on it. I never tried breathing exercises before. It’s sure is a lot different.

  141. Ashley says:

    sorry I’m 2 days late but I’m going to put the birthday video on my youtube tomorrow so please check me out there and tell me what you think the link is I really enjoy doing these lessons

  142. juliet says:

    hi stephen, I love the seaprated video. I’m still having difficulty in lip trills but I’m trying my best Thanks a lot. I’m still figuring out how to do the happy birthday video. Thanks

  143. BONITA says:

    My breathing is getting better. I still have trouble with lip trills. These lessons are truly helping me in church practice. thank you.

  144. BONITA says:

    I found this lesson a little harder. I cannot do the lip and tongue trills. I have no trouble with the ma and mo. I do not know how to post to youtube. Never been on the site. Can someone tell me how or guide me to do this. Do I need a cd or microphone to do this. Thank you

  145. Robert says:

    Thought the split videos were an improvement, and I learn something new every lesson so thanks for all the work you put into these

  146. joezer says:

    im now improving my breathing,, but can i ask?? y is that,, whwn i sing, “ma” i hear no vibration,, unlike u sir Stephen,, huhu…

  147. Larry says:

    Thought splitting the lessons was an improvement.

    Tongue trills are much easier for me.

    Seem to run out of breath on lip trills.


  148. MA ARRAH says:

    Hi Stephen

    Like I said in lesson to I like your methodology. Spliting this lesson makes it more fun to learn. It is really challengin. My best part is the tongue trills. I hope I get that right within the week as I did the lip trills. The window size suits me fine.

  149. Flávia says:

    Hi, I liked the lesson in the splited format… So that I can come back and watch again the things I want. Thank you so much! Great lesson!

  150. nicole w says:

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  151. nicole w says:

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  152. Richard Berka says:

    I just got the other videos to work. And I have to say, the new breathing excersise really put things into perspective with my straining problem. I’m still straining just a little, but my band is also doing a lot of cover tunes that make you want to sing the songs the way the original artists sing them, and that can be a challenge.

  153. Richard Berka says:

    Only the first two videos on the current lesson worked. I wasn’t able to watch the videos with the new breathing excersises or the new vocal excersises. Other than that I am really enjoying the progress that I am making at home and during shows.

  154. Tracy says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I like the lesson broken up into different parts. The added advantage is when I need to go back to a lesson for a reminder, it is easier to find, and I don’t have to wait for the full video to stream before I can get to it. This works really well!! I would not recommend making the video smaller.

  155. mary says:

    the first video and the last came through just great but the others did not. I am quite new with the computer so do not know how to post, link or put my voice on my pc. Hope u understand. Made my first recording today. It was terrible but will keep on working. Mary

  156. sheila says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I just finished lesson three. I like the lessons broken up into different parts, easier to go back to. I also have an easier time with the tongue trills and a harder time with the lip trills.

  157. James Jr. says:

    I’ve finished lesson three and got the lessons for the week downloaded. I like the ease and freeness of these lessons. My girlfriend says i’m doing better but she hates to listen to me sing so idk if it’s true lol. Ok going to utube to find some posts. 🙂

  158. legaspidrex says:

    Hi Stephen,

    it’s another week and I’m still here……I really love the videos……evrytime the exercises are getting tougher and tougher…..but it’s fine you know what they say “No Pain No Game”

    Thanks the videos are excellent…..but I like the one befere when they are not splitted into many I just like one compressed videos


  159. Kamala says:

    I found lip tilling easier to do than tongue trilling. Holding the cheek slightly up for lip trilling is a good tip to trill longer. I haven’t put up the you tube song yet.

    Thanks Steven for all your effort.

  160. Tania Bowman says:

    For Stephen and any other novice. I taught myself to play piano but I have a learning disability which keeps me from understanding notes and timing. So the electronic keyboard is amazing as it does some of the timing for me. However I just seem to have a sense of what the timing should be, well sort of.
    People say the music sounds good but I know it could be a lot better but the notes and their timing are like hiroglyphics to me. It is fun to learn anything pertaining to music, anything I can grasp. Thanks Stephen. 🙂

  161. Jenny says:

    I like this programme. Thanks for your time making this programme

  162. kat says:

    still have the vidios dont work.. just the beginng,, everything else is good thanx

  163. Revere says:

    I think this buildup is just what I need. I am discovering more of my range as I go. Thank you for this effort!

  164. Quyne' says:

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  165. Keith says:

    I’m really thankful that i stumbled upon this program because I’m really thankful that i can improve my singing, thanks for splitting the video, It really helped. I will be posting my video this friday hope you will see it……….

    thanks Stephen!!!

  166. Julieth C. says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Thanks a lot for the lesson. I’m still dealing with the exercises and noticing a different way to sing.
    I’m glad about the changes you did. it is easier.
    and about making the screen smaller, I think is gonna be ok.
    thanks again. Take care. God bless you.

  167. raylenoir says:

    thank you this is working well for me i didnt sing in front of anyone yet but i have confidence hooray!

  168. Ron says:

    I will say the last lesson has been a challenge for me. I am really struggling with the lip exercise. I guess I need some more self-esteem. Thanks for your program

  169. tyler says:

    thanx for keeping the good videos coming for free they r starting to help its my birthday in a few days so ill practice singing happy birthday to me

  170. Sheila says:

    The tongue trills is a great way to on how to pronounce the words in singing. the breathing exercises too are good so that when singing a specific phrase we won’t sound like we’re losing breathe to complete a phrase. i must admit, i don’t know if i can do post a video on youtube but i will try. thank you for all your effort in teaching us. I really appreciate this free singing lessons.

  171. Gigi Coogler says:

    I just noticed the time factor, what time is this blog area set to? It must be about six hours ahead of my actual time.

  172. Gigi Coogler says:

    Hmmm, Well, I did not know there were six segments. I will go back and look. I have no problem at all with lip trills but the tongue trills are like when I try to roll my r’s in Spanish, pathetic. I will get it, since It will solve the Spanish obstacle too. I was not motivated to learn the r rolling because I figure basic Spanish is all I need in SoCal. Singing is a more motivating reason. Utube, I have too never posted anything to Utube, but if it was not important then Stephen would not have put it in the lesson. I appreciate the hard work you put into this Stephen and so I figure the very least we can do is follow through and not be a flake. Flake is another word for wishy washy, or unreliable etc. Just in case since it is not an international word. Okay, thank you Stephen, thank you everyone else, it helps to know I am not alone and others also struggle here and there.

  173. Isobel says:

    Thank you for another great lesson! I think both formats for one video or six are great and I prefer having the usual sized video, cause it’s a natural focus point because it fits the screen just nicely! I feel my ears are opening up more than before, and Ive noticed I’m paying more attention to how and what I sing. I cant wait to practice! Thanks again!

  174. Felix says:

    This was an excellent lesson. Really enjoyed the new format even though it did pause on me a few time before the section ended and I could not get it to continue. But now on the lesson itself. This is getting so exciting and I am learning so much. I am understanding the Time Signature stuff, well it’s not stuff but you know what I mean. The vocal exercises are getting harder and I love it. What a challenge! Great JOB! Thanks!

  175. angel says:

    wow, so many comments. it’s fascinating to look at the dates where the comments were made. nice vids, i like it broken into parts. thanks

  176. stargazer says:

    Hi Stephen, thank you for lesson 3! I am still having streaming problems with the videos – I believe that a smaller size may solve the prob. Great idea to break up the topics as I can re-visit certain ones and know where to go to find them… feedback for week 2-3 is as follows –
    my dream goal is to hear the voice coming out of my mouth that I know is in there – and then to just enjoy singing wherever it would be welcome. I would like to sing professionally – I am already in a band so what I mean by professionally is ‘properly’ – I have one problem which is that no matter how many exercises I do I cannot reach the upper registers easily – however I can sing REALLY low. My question to you for this week is “do all vocalists have a natural range and if so is it a good or indeed recommended idea to still aim to increase one’s vocal register? Can all voices be trained to be within the ‘usual’ ranges/octaves. My voice seems to be more male than female 😦 although when I was younger, I could reach top c# really easily. Thank you again – so very much appreciated. Sally

  177. Omar says:

    Having a great time with this lesson

  178. Lindsey says:

    wow. my resinance is improving massively.

    i am so excited about this program…i notice results after each lesson…

    im amazed. thank you so much Stephen

    Much Love, Lindsey

  179. bridget says:

    As I practice this week’s exercises, I keep finding myself slipping into singing an octave below what is being played. Technically, I can sing the exercises in the octave being played, but I find it a lot easier to sing the exercises an octave lower. Is it bad for my voice to be singing that low on the exercises, or can I just relax and sing where it is comfortable?

    Thanks once again for these lessons. I am already starting to see results, which is amazing!

  180. zayna says:

    hey have you guys seen savannah outen when you see
    her on youtube you guys will stop singing
    she is ammaazzziiinnng i give up when i saw her

  181. ZEE says:




  182. bridget says:

    I also don’t have the equipment necessary to post on you-tube, but I have recorded my voice on a tape so that at least I can listen to it. It’s amazing how much different my voice sounds when I listen to it on a tape. My new-and-improved goals are to be able to sing Christine’s part in Phantom of the Opera so well enough to compete for the part in a local production. I also would like to sing a solo in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.
    As always, thanks for these great lessons!

  183. crystal says:

    thz for haveing this. i know how to play a flute and i was in chor but im waiting for us to dig in deep. your work you give up is anouther thing i look fword to in the day. think you

    -storm <-(middle name) 🙂

  184. maryballard says:

    hi stephen.I am injoying the lessons,I really don,t understand the notes that well,I,m singing every day to improve my voice,I understand how the breaths go and I,m doing them every day. mary ballard

  185. John Palmer says:

    Had an opportunity to present today using the new disciplines. It has been interesting breaking old habits and creating new ones and realizing the difference it makes. The discipline of constant awareness and consistency makes these lessons very rewarding…thanks again.

  186. IRENE says:



  187. Violet says:

    Totally awesome… I love these lessons. they’re really fun the tounge drills are tickling my top mouth though. hehe. but thats a bunch stephen I would like practiacally hug you till you couldn’t breath if i could.

  188. ghizlane says:

    thank you, thank you ; thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnk
    for everything…
    i can’t wait the 4th lesson and the other lessons!

  189. richie says:

    definitely liked the separated videos. i have a little difficulty trilling my tongue but with practice i should be that much closer to becoming a better singer. i too, am a bit computer retarded so i am still trying to figure out how for me to post. is there a way to save the video portion of the lesson for future reference or do we just bookmark the page?

  190. Danny says:

    I must be doing something wrong, I was only able to watch the video for part 1 and 6 on lesson three. On part 2,3,4,and 5,the screen was white and no place to start the video. I was able to download the 2 lessons at the end and I am having some trouble with the tongue trills. Did any one else have problem with the videos coming thru ? I enjoyed last week lesson and have made improvement. Thanks Steven

  191. Deb F says:

    Oh yeah…forgot to mention that the videos are not playing properly.

  192. Deb F says:

    I feel stronger in my lungs and feel the rush of extra oxygen. My higher voice needs more air support, however so far I can reach all of the high notes. The lower notes I switch octaves. Is that ok? I still can’t do sustained tongue/lip trills. One trill per note is the best I can do. Ma and Mo are so on the go.

  193. Brian says:

    I am still on the early lessons, I still cannot pitch a note due to my loss of mental knowledge of how to? But still trying and know will achieve my dream to sing again,so am stick with it.
    Thank you

  194. FRED B says:

    hey stephen,
    i like the new video format but i didn’t get part 6 (wrap-up) i’ll try again later. the new scales are a bit tougher this week. but thats what practice is for. i find my voice is alot stonger while staning uposed to setting. i have no equipment to post on u-tube plus i’m pretty much computer illiterate i have to get my wife to download the lessons for me and transfer them to my ipod.
    may GOD bless you the way you bless all of us.
    thanks again can’t wait for lesson 4

  195. Emily says:

    hey its my birthday which is even better because i can practise it 🙂

  196. Akella says:

    This lesson wa svery informative. i really understood alot better. But i am having trouble with the tongue trills. My tongue not rolling much. But i learnt alot Stephen. Thanks again

  197. Justin says:

    Thanks Stephen! Last weeks exercises were very helpful. My range is definitely expanding and I’m starting to be able to hit those higher notes without any strain. Also, it’s becoming much easier to transition from full voice to falsetto. In general, it’s becoming easier for me to sing quietly. I just wanted to let you know that I don’t have any way to post things on youtube at this time…after Friday I will. My girlfriend is out of town and she has my Mp3 player, which has recording capabilities. I have an audio interface…unfortunately I don’t have a mic at this time. I’ll get on that as soon as I have a little extra money. I just want to tell you that I’m really enjoying these lessons and I’m so thankful for what you do!!! It’s so awesome of you!!!

  198. roberto says:

    it’s better that way but still i am not really reading those videos better don’t know y.

  199. sal says:

    Thank you for lesson three it’s very helpful for me.
    Looking forward to next lesson.

  200. Urail Mackey says:

    I am truly enjoying the lessons. I had a problem with part of the video on lesson 3. I have difficulty with my lip trills but hardly no problems with my tongue trills. I am a little nervous about the YouTube part since I have never had to sing solo. lol, but I will give it a shot. I also would like to be able to read the lesson as well as hear it, that is the way I really learn. I read, I hear and listen then practice.

  201. zayna says:

    Lesson Two Videos – Part 3 (breath) I didnt get to that becouse it stop !

  202. zayna says:

    hey i really dont like them broken up its not working it stops and its slow! ):

  203. Susie says:

    Hi Stephen… i thought lesson 3 was great. all parts of the video played just fine for me this week, but I do have high speed cable internet.I picked up the tongue trills straight away like you did, but I am finding it harder to do lip trills wothout breaking. Getting there slowly. I am amazed at the work you are putting into this for us and at a price we thought would never be possible in this life time as everything costs money… but free… you are truly an amazing man and one day when we all reach our dreams I hope that everyone will mention you and what you have done for us… thank you again.

  204. Solange says:

    I have been away a lot, serious illness in my family took most of my time. I am trying to do the lessons I missed best I can. I have listened to Patricia, I liked her voice. I could not feel sadness or joy, or drama, just a nice voice working on the techniques. I may be totally wrong, who am I to appreciate those things but since it is what we have to learn and develop, I gave it a try. I could not see any other post to listen to…Am I too late? If I can overcome my shyness, maybe I will ask my daughter to help me post Happy Birthday. Thank you Stephen for your precise and detailed lessons. Have a great day all. Solange

  205. corona says:

    I love the singing lesson for this week.
    I do my breathing rutean every day.

  206. Rick says:

    Comment to Patricia on the “stopping and stalling” of the video. Sounds to me like it is a problem with your internet provider. If you are using dial up, that could be the problem. If you’re using high speed internet, then it might be something else. I had no problem viewing the videos and I have high speed through the cable company.


  207. Rick says:

    Thanks for lesson three. Lots of good stuff to remember. Lord, where do you find the time to do all this?

    I think I liked the lessons all in one just a little better. But, in the end, it really doesn’t matter. I can rarely get through an entire lesson without some kind of interuption.

    I’m not sure how to post something on youtube. I’ve had friends tell me that I should post some songs there but I can’t figure out how to do it.

    Some comments for Patricia, since she was brave enough to post “The Sparrow” song. Overall, I thought it was very nice. You seem to have a nice vibrato. Wish I had that. I would suggest that you try to sing just a little more forcefully. It sounded like you were singing and not wanting anyone to hear. Also, you have the same problem I have all the time in that it’s hard to hit every note exactly. Sometimes just a little flat or sharp. When we both figure out how to do that, I guess we won’t need this course anymore! Ha! Keep up the good work. You’re doing fine!


  208. Patricia says:

    Hi Stephen,

    These are wonderful lessons! Already I’m feeling a new freedom in my voice!

    However, I am having problems watching the videos since they keep stopping and stalling and I have to keep pushing the marker a little to the left. That gets annoying since I have to keep doing it over and over again. I have a powerful fairly new computer, so I don’t know what the problem is at this point.

    I have posted a song at YouTube. It’s not happy birthday though. I did make a happy birthday video, but I wasn’t happy with how it sounded. Perhaps I’ll post it later.

    Here’s “His Eye Is on The Sparrow”:

    Thanks for all your help. I did purchase the Brett Manning course and am enjoying going through it and learning even more. Your lessons and this course are going nicely together!

    Happy new year!


  209. kevin says:

    hey i think its great that the lesson is divided into separate parts and its easier to choose what you want to watch now.

    thanks for everything…..keep up the awesome work 😉

  210. Jenny says:

    I like the way you separated the videos~! It’s easy to review all over the lessons.
    I’m having a hard time with the tongue trills.. I need more practice. Thank you for the lesson 3! I’ll be waiting for the lesson 4!

  211. abdul says:

    This week has been busy for me and I unable to pracise much. However, I look forward to lesson 4.

  212. Yvette says:

    Hi stephen,

    Lesson 3 videos parts 1-3 didn’t load at all just letting you know perhaps you could send them again??

  213. Darlene says:

    Hey, thanx for lesson 3. Everything went well, and i think that the video split ups were better than one whole video. I enjoyed it. I love the vocal practices. Until next week. : )

  214. Peter says:

    Gidday Steve, Thanks for lesson 3. Separated videos are much easier especially when going back to take notes. I especially appreciate your commentary on each of the downloaded mp3 training tracks … helps me focus. Until nest week. Peter

  215. Sikzak says:

    You are one fantastic human being. Thank you so much !!

  216. abdul says:

    Thank you for lesson 3 video. I still would like the video in one part like before rather than being separated in 6 parts because there are certain parts which cannot be downloaded later after watching them. Anyway your lesson 3 has given me more insight on breathing which is the most important in singing. Will send you more feedback nest week.

  217. Fran says:


    One more thing….can you help me to sing like Natalie Grant…ha. I attached a link to youtube with her singing “I Am Not Alone”. You talked about dreaming big right. Well it woudl be a dream to sing like this:

  218. Fran says:


    I enjoyed lesson three. I didn’t have any trouble with the videos this week. I liked the way you seperated them so that I could go back to any part that I needed to practice. Tongue trills were much easier to me than lip trills. I always have to put my fingers on the sides of my cheeks when doing the lip trills. I can’t seem to hold it through to the end so that was helpful when you shared that trick.

    I loved the story about your grandmother and how she encouraged your son to dream. Sometimes, I find it hard for me to express my true dreams to others and say them out loud. Sounds silly but I guess that is my fear that it sounds silly. I know it is a dream of mine to sing with a beautiful voice. I would love to travel and sing. My thoughts are who wouldn’t want to, if you could make a living by doing something you love.

    I want to express my gratitude to you for sharing this with all of us. I am still amazed every week when I receive my lesson because it simply seems too good to be true. I want you to know that I am committed. I hope one day we can sing for you and you can see and hear how you have invested in all of us. I know we are suppose to post our happy birthday song but I will have to work on that as I am a bit technology challenged.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! One of the things I gave thanks for was your singing lessons!


  219. Natalie says:

    Hey! umm very sorry for you to be hearing this but my mother doesent want me going to this website any more. She fells it cause be dengerous.So im sorry. Hope you understand. But i have been listening to the first and second part of singing leasons. And i really liked the singing exercizments on leason. It helped alot. thank you. Ok well i just wanted to lett you know. thanks for having me for 2 leasons, bye!

  220. Rachel says:

    I am excited to keep learning more and more about howto sing better. it’s awesome. Oh and it is pretty cool that each part is on a seperate download.

  221. Louanne says:

    I feel like I’m improving everyday. Thank you.

  222. Florence says:

    gud day.. hope you can heLp me with that.. tnx stephen.. you take care

  223. Florence says:

    hi stephen.. i Like how you broke the LEssons.. that doesn’t bother me.. but there are parts of the lesson that are not downloading… like 1 , 4 and 5

  224. Dan says:

    I like the new format, but continue to have some delays. Still find it difficult to maintain lip trills ans also have problems maintaining tongue trills.

  225. Kat says:

    Lesson 3 was great and I look forward to the following lessons. I don’t have the equipment to post anything on the web, But, I am seeing positive results on with the exercises.

    Thank you

  226. Anna says:

    You help me make my dreams come true and I know that singing is my dream and I’ll hold on to it! 🙂 I’m only sad that videos were in parts ’cause I couldn’t watch the last two videos 😦 so I hope the next lessons could be again just in one part!

    I’m really pleased to the lessons!
    Let’s carry on and have fun!

    Again thank you Stephen! It’s so great that you take your time and do this kind of lessons!!

  227. calysta says:

    i have really improved thanks alot

  228. candace says:

    i am really enjoying the lessons. i hope that i can get an mp3 player soon. I have noticed a breathing difference that i have when i sing. it seems that its stronger. anyway the only thing is having the time! i have spent what little spare time on it! i also had a great experience this past weekend and its nothing to do with the lessons but it has to do with singing. i got to sing to a group called the Isaacs, They are a blue-grass gospel family group that i just adore! I so much want to do that! i have 4 kids and each of them are learning an instrument. my 12 yrold. son plays the fiddle and sings parts (been doing that since 2nd grade) my 11yrold daughter plays the bass and is catching on real well! I play the mandolin and sing my husband plays the guitar and sings to. we all can sing parts but like i said before our breathing and our voice needs to be stronger. Thanks again for your time!

  229. Mikki says:

    This is so awesome!! I, too, have noticed an improvement in my singing. Either format is groovy with me – all in one shot or broken up. I will try posting my song as soon as I get over this slight cold. It’s not really a cold but my nose is stuffy one minute and running the next minute. Anyway, will try to get it up tomorrow. Somewhere.

    Thanks Stephen for this. It’s truly remarkable in this day to receive such quality instruction for free. God bless you, Stephen.

  230. peppe says:

    Thank u for lesson 3. Im starting to feel improvement. Its all about practice.

  231. Kym says:

    Thank you, Steven. I am enjoying my lessons very much. I can hear improvement in my vocal abilities already. I practice while I am at work in the kitchen (I am a cook). I have to say that I like the one video method better. Thanks for asking.

    Kym D.

  232. Joav Ramon says:

    I am thrield with the breathing metheod .I never felt suported with my breathing before,I did the “dog pant”
    and many other variations of breath control and none really gave me the results I needed,But after a few houres of the 1,1,8,1.with the tounge trill, I finaly felt the support and also my vibrato got under control.I am about to record a spanish love,wedding song. I’ll put it on You Tube and let you know.

    Really thank you again and again.

    Joav Ramon

  233. Charles says:

    Thanks again for another very great tutorial Stephen! I’m having a little bit difficulty in tongue thrills but I’ll do my best, just a few more practice and I can do that. This new format is better, I can go back to the lesson that I want to practice/review more easily .. I’m getting a little better in singing, specially because of the techniques that you taught us. Everything is just so important and it helps a lot..
    I’m so excited for the next lesson! thanks Stephen, and God BlesS!

  234. Billion says:

    great lesson overall. Was tried to make a little intersting sucessfully. Good Exervcses. I was just wondring if its ok to use mouth muscles along with vocal chords? or only vocal chords should be used to develop sound?

  235. Patricia says:

    i like the way this lession was more practical when i need to review some of the things i learn things that I did know and my singing is getting better every day thanks to your lesson

  236. Anne says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for your email and your kind words of encouragement.

    Feedback on Lesson 3:
    I like the new 6-section format! It allows me to quickly and easily access and re-view material I’d like to see again without having to go through all the other material that I don’t need to see again. It’s a very useful improvement, while still retaining all the content that makes this course so good.

    On a technical note: The first time I visited the Lesson 3 site, only the first 3 parts loaded, but I could not view the others. After viewing the ones that did load, I clicked on the link again and this time the other lessons were there and I was able to view them with no problems. (Just a little thing: The blue banner heading at the top of each part says “Lesson 2” instead of “3”). Other than that very minor thing – another excellent lesson – interesting and well presented, and chock full of very useful theoretical and practical content.

    On a personal level: I felt I needed more time to get a handle on the vocal exercises this week. I’ve been down with a virus for a few days, so I wasn’t able to give them as much attention as I would have liked. I found it a little harder to “get” the notes / intervals in practice, although I intellectually understood.

    I’m ashamed to say I didn’t have the confidence/courage to do the “happy birthday” posting. Maybe when I can sing it a little better than I can right now.

    I found the lip trill easy but the tongue trills were more of a challenge for me. They just weren’t happening, no matter how I tried. Then, I was lying in bed with a slight fever and was coughing my head off, when I recalled you mentioning that tongue trills are a safe way to clear a morning throat. So I gave it a go, but much to my surprise – Voila! a tongue trill successfully happened AND it did clear my throat. Now I’m able to do short duration tongue trills like a purring kitten (an out of tune purring kitten, with a stuffed up nose and sore throat, but a purring kitten none the less LOL). Little tips like that are priceless! Thank you for sharing them.

  237. alec says:

    Thanks again Stephen for another awesome lesson. I like the new video format better than the old one and I noticed how when I stand, I can project my voice better. So I can sing louder when I stand. Cant wait for the next lesson.

  238. raine says:

    aww i’m having a hard time in tongue thrills but i’ll do my best to do it hehe., thank you so much,

  239. brenda says:

    Hi Stephen,
    So much is so totally new to me but I am hanging in there. I am sure that understanding will come as long as I continue to practice. The lip trills were a little hard for me but I didnot give up. I am still so excited and I notice some difference in my voice.I like either format.


  240. Arturs says:

    you make me find out new things in each lesson i watch. What i think about the video streaming itself, that it would be much better to have each video on a different page, otherwise the browser starts to stream all of them at the same time causing the first one to be kind of pausy all the time. Keep it up! 🙂

  241. James says:

    Hi Stephen! great speech really inspiring, and I do have to confess that my dream and what I would love to do is become the singer of a band. However I had trouble becuase part 3, 5, 6 didnt work , so I couldnt see the video, but ill try again later. But the other partsof the lesson I saw were great and i learned a lot! Thanks Stephen!

  242. beckie says:

    hey, the lesson was easier with it split up into parts 😀 so thats awsome!
    there more help on singing in this lesson so i am very greatful haha

    I will try to have that happy birthday video posted somehow if my cam/mic goes to plan haha

    thanks again stephen !!

    x x x beckie

  243. Robin says:

    Hey Stephen
    I like the way you broke the lesson up into 6 parts. So I don’t have to listen to it all in one day if I don’t want to. But Parts 3,5 and 6 did not down load. Can’t wait to get the rest of the lesson. talk to you later.

  244. paolo says:

    Thank you for lesson 3. My voice has really been improved.
    i dot really like that its broken up into 6 different videos. i like the old format better but am not complaining i still love the lessons.


  245. Nadia says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Thankyou for Lesson Three. I think its much better now that you have broken the lesson into different sections. It’s easier to stream, and more convienient to watch. It’s nice to be able to watch certain segments instead of looking for what you want in the larger format.

    Well done Stephen.



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