Online Voice Lessons – Lesson 4

September 6, 2008

Congratulations on completing another lesson!

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By now, you are likely experiencing a significant shift in your vocal abilities, such as:

stronger breath support
clearer tone
increased confidence
overall enjoyment in singing

Lesson 4 introduced topics of staccato, 6/8 time, the intervals of a 6th and 7th and tied them all together with newly created tuneful scales.  You also discovered the topic of a “consonant smear” and tips on how to correct it (awareness is the first tip – taking a short breath or “rest” are other remedies).  You also learned about central vowels of “uh” and “er” (simplified).

Assignments to post here:

  • Youtube examples
  • examples words containing “uh” and “er”
  • probably or likely “consonant smears” in the songs Amazing Grace and the Star Spangled Banner.

FREE Online Voice Lessons will empower you with all of the core foundation needed to get results – though, as with most things in life, this requires participation and practice.  Mix it up, make it fun!  Have a blast this week and…..

We look forward to hearing from you!


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