Online Voice Lessons – Lesson 4

Congratulations on completing another lesson!

If you stumbled across this page and want to learn more, go to

By now, you are likely experiencing a significant shift in your vocal abilities, such as:

stronger breath support
clearer tone
increased confidence
overall enjoyment in singing

Lesson 4 introduced topics of staccato, 6/8 time, the intervals of a 6th and 7th and tied them all together with newly created tuneful scales.  You also discovered the topic of a “consonant smear” and tips on how to correct it (awareness is the first tip – taking a short breath or “rest” are other remedies).  You also learned about central vowels of “uh” and “er” (simplified).

Assignments to post here:

  • Youtube examples
  • examples words containing “uh” and “er”
  • probably or likely “consonant smears” in the songs Amazing Grace and the Star Spangled Banner.

FREE Online Voice Lessons will empower you with all of the core foundation needed to get results – though, as with most things in life, this requires participation and practice.  Mix it up, make it fun!  Have a blast this week and…..

We look forward to hearing from you!


PS: When posting to this blog, if you are under the age of 18, please do not include any identifying comments – ie, don’t include your school or if in a small town, don’t mention the name of the town.  If you live in LA, no problem… or to mention your state is fine.  By all means, DO NOT include phone number, address.


203 Responses to Online Voice Lessons – Lesson 4

  1. Nate says:

    Niel John Here

    Sir Stephen,

    I’m only getting the introductory video for lessons 3 and 4… hmmm any fix? Stuck at lesson 2, and i want to progress 😀

    Hope you read this and respond soon 🙂

    your student,

    Niel John “Nate” ~

  2. Scott says:

    Im a beginner. Im looking foward to having a good foundation to achive the style and level of singing that I desire.

  3. Paul says:

    thanks look forward to more lessons.taking it all in.voice is getting better.

  4. marilyn flores says:

    your lesson was wonderful ! thanks stephen!

  5. jm says:

    this is great. Thank you so much

  6. Very nice article!!! Great tips on online voice lesson. This post is helpful to all who need improvement in their voice.
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  7. […] **** Leave comments about the lesson here ==> Member’s Feedback for Lesson 4. […]

  8. Billy Ross III says:

    Here is a song that I worked on Steven:

    I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed singing it.
    Lesson 4 was incredible. The lip trills were a little difficult but overall it was a great and fun experience for me.

    I have a section on my youtube account called gospel22 where I sing with the songs everyday.

  9. Julia says:

    This week’s was really interesting ! Thanks for the lesson !
    I’m really feeling the changes ! You’re a good teacher and those exercises are great !

  10. Chasity says:

    “er” examples: father, butter, pucker, hurdler, hunter
    “ah” examples: apart, salt, fault, salt, ball

  11. Chasity says:

    Hello again,

    Was a little bit behind, but quickly catching up. I download the new lessons; though different and seemingly harder than what we’ve been practicing, they seem like fun and I can’t wait to get started.

    These lessons are very helpful and useful. I am trying to catch on to the notes and music reading part, but for some reason it is a bit difficult for me. I will have to go back and go over those sections again.

    Just a quick note/question: whenever I am warming up, or practicing singing, my voice tends to crack, a lot. Any suggestions, or is this not uncommon for a new vocalist?

  12. india says:

    hey, this is something that is truly trying to me, it is a bit difficult, but once mastered, i believe i will be able to carry a tune that actually can be tolerated 😉

  13. Hara says:

    Amazing lesson 4:)

  14. brandi scarborough says:

    Hey stephen thanks for the lesson but I only got the intro 3mins and 34 seconds if u would will u re send me the whole lesson? Very excited every week always looking for a new lesson I feel so blessed to have found your website always wanted to take voice lessons just couldn’t afford them thank u for all the work u put into this

  15. ricardo says:

    Hi Stephen, I’m a freshman to this website and i want to become apart of you’r free singing lesson. So please if you can email me that will be very nice. Please email me on facebook :

  16. ricardo says:

    Hi Stephen, I’m a freshman to this website and i want to become apart of you’r free singing lesson. So please if you can email me that will be very nice

  17. Christine says:

    Hey Stephen, thank you for being such a great teacher !! I loved these exercises. It’s hard to keep the tongue trill going when it gets to higher notes… wonder if it’s normal.

  18. Myguyd says:

    As always, I enjoyed this lesson, I know I have to work to get where I want to be, but I`m suprise myself singing along with the songs of the radio at work, around my coworker, I begin to beleive in my singing
    thanks Stephen!

  19. Richard says:

    Wow this is starting to get hard, but great video!!

  20. Derrick says:

    Lesson 4 was so challenging.

  21. Tammy says:

    Great Lesson but I found it the most difficult so far. Still waiting on lesson 5 but been practicing 4 for weeks and weeks. Pitch Perfector has also made a big difference. Tammy

  22. mathew says:


  23. ronald says:

    These lessons are getting better and better good thing I have no problem with lips thrills or slurs. Just to let you know I am very dedicated to these lessons. I have even purchase your pitch perfecter I think it’s a great tool to have. Thanks steve

  24. Wendy says:

    Steven, just finished lesson 4. I squeal in the high notes and I am getting frustrated because I cant reach them. What do I need to do? Other than that, I am enjoying the lessons and love my Pitch Perfector!

  25. Sudeh says:

    the lessons are really helpful
    Thanks dear Stephen.

  26. I’ve been practising singing everyday.
    I havent received an email for more than a month.
    Do u have difficulties sending it to me.
    I cant wait to learn lesson 5.
    Thank you.

  27. Jen says:

    I couldn’t get all of lesson four in. Is there a place I can do to view all old lessons? I only got in the intro and part about breathing laying down and then it ended.

  28. Jen says:

    I couldn’t get the lesson to come in beyond the introduction. I did get a little bit on laying on ground breathing, but that was it. None of the consonant stuff came up. I tried to re-watch the video, but it didn’t work.

  29. neakveaknoreak says:

    Star-spangled Banner’s consonant smears:

    dawn’s early light >> dawn searly light
    twilight’s last gleaming >> twilight slast gleaming
    whose broad stripes >> who sbroad stipes
    stripes and bright stars >> stripe sand bright stars
    ramparts we watched >> rampart swe watched
    rocket’s red glare >> rocket sred glare
    bombs bursting in air >> bomb sbursting in air
    does that star-spangled banner >> dar sthat star-spangled banner
    mists of the deep >> mist sof the deep
    the foe’s haughty host >> the foe shaughty host
    silence reposes >> silen sreposes
    is that which the breeze >> ie sthat which the breeze
    catches the gleam >> catch sthe gleam
    morning’s first beam >> morning sfirst beam
    snow shines in the stream >> snow shine sin the stream
    havoc of war >> havo kof war
    battle’s confusion >> battle sconfusion
    and a country >> an da country
    leave us no more >> lea vus no more
    has washed out >> her swor stout
    footsteps’ pollution >> footstep spollution
    hireling and slave >> hireli gand slave
    terror of flight >> terror rof flight
    gloom of the grave >> gloo mof the grave
    doth wave >> do swave
    thus be it ever >> ther sbe it rever
    their loved home >> their love dome
    the war’s desolation >> the war sdesolation
    Blest with victory and peace >> bler twi svictory and peace
    rescued land >> rescude land
    Praise the Power >> prai sthe power
    hath made >> her smade
    when our cause it is >> wher nour cau si ris
    this be our >> thi sbe our
    In God is our trust >> in Gor di sour trust
    saved a wretch like me >> sav da rer chlike me
    once was lost but now am found >> one swar slost but nau wam found
    was blind, but now I see >> war sblind but nau wi see
    Grace that taught my heart >> Grae sthat taught my heart to fear
    my fears relieved >> my fear srelieved

    precious did that Grace appear >> preshir sdid that Grae sappear
    hour I first believed >> our rai believed
    toils and snares >> toil sand snares
    I have already >> I her valready
    Grace will lead me >> Grae swill lead me
    The lord has promised >> the lor das promised
    His word my hope >> hie sword my home
    my shield and portion >> my shiel dand portion
    As long as life endures >> Ar slor ngas lie fendures
    this flesh and heart >> Dee sfler shand heart
    I shall possess within the veil >> I shall posser swithin the veil
    A life of joy and peace >> A lie fof jor yand peace
    Bright shining as the sun >> Bright shinie ngas the sun
    We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise >> We’ve no ler sday stoo sing God spraise
    <<<<>>> apply, customize, probably, proceed, about,…

    with “Er”: >>>> browser, printer, player, merge, search, wizard,…

  30. neakveaknoreak says:

    Sorry Stephen! i dont know how to make a video so i
    just record my voice (MP3). i try to feel a feeling of a man who
    needs to leave his lover for important thing like country but
    feel he doesnt want to be apart from her!!

    Thx for suggestions!

  31. hazzoni says:

    Hello stephen! I just wanted to say that I did not get any mote lessons after lesson 4. I just never got any emails. Can you send me lesson 5 and futher lessons, thank you!

  32. Sasha says:

    Hi Stephen! I’ve been waiting for lesson 4 for about 3 weeks now. Are you going to email it to me? 😦

  33. Barry Thomas says:

    Stephen-I’m so computer dumb I couldn’t even figure out how to find the users area to post the information. (had to get my wife to show me),but now I know you’ll be getting all the assignments when they are given to me.
    Ah ER BOTH
    luck concern other
    above bother under
    autumn lover wonder
    author never assunder
    muster stern blunder

    I’ll be getting the U-tube happy birthday to you as soon as I figure it out (with my wife’s help). I’m so excited to learn more.Thank you. I’m still trying to figure out the pitch perfector. Still have alot of interference even when it’s perfectly quiet. I have a hard time telling where my pitch is from the interference. Do you have any suggestions on what I might do. I think its a great help and I use it every day. Thanks for your help

  34. Barry Thomas says:

    Here are the slur’s for Star-Spangled Banner
    can your–ca nyou,
    dawn’s early—dawns swerly
    what so–whatso
    twilights last—twilight slast
    rampart we—rampart swe
    rockets red–rocket sred
    night that—nigh that
    yet wave—ye twave

    Slur’s for Amazing Grace
    was lost –wa slost
    was blind—wa sblind
    fears relieved–fear srelieved
    his word—hi sweard
    as life–a slife
    posssess within—posse swithin
    thousand years—thousan dyears
    I am so shocked there are so many slur’s. I know I don’t say the last letter some of the time, This drill here really made me more conscience of saying the words properly. I’m so excited to learn more you are such a great teacher. The more I sing with your instructions the more I know how important they are. I was so excited today we sang a choir in church and I could reach the high notes which I haven’t been able to do before

  35. Lyssa says:

    Well, I enjoy all the singing excersizes but I liked the videos better when they were longer because that gave you a chance to explain more and give a couple more demonstrations. Doing it with somebody other than my mp3 is more helpful. Maybe next time, could you please elaborate more and give me more to work with. Other than that, the videos are great. Thanks. 🙂

  36. what is the best way to get back into the loop with your voice going through allergies and sickness?

  37. Paulo says:

    Hi Stephen! lesson 4 was too interesting … but I’m kinda lost in the part of music theory … it’s hard for me, I’m doing my exercises, now I enjoy tongue trils. I guess I have to study the music theory since lesson 1 … well thanks Stephen you’re great.

  38. Jerry says:

    Hi Stephen, Your lessons are doing me very good!! They have helped me out alot! Thanks for all that you are doing for everyone!

  39. Mariza says:

    Stephen, this lesson helped me so much!! Thank you!

  40. Thomas Mullaney says:

    Hey Stephen, thanks for making these lessons and knowledge free to us. That’s very cool. In lesson 4 I’m finding that I have to drop out about half of the way through because the notes are too high for me. Are there exercises in the following weeks that will help us improve our range? Also, I’m noticing that I’m not projecting the low notes IE 1,2,3 etc. as loudly as the highs IE 8,7 and 6. Do you have any suggestions for how to bring the two decibel ranges a little closer. Thanks for all of your help.

  41. Christiana says:

    Just finished watching Lesson 4 and am off to practice… So far, so good. Thanks for another great lesson!

  42. victoria says:

    i have i love your singing lessons, to tell you the truth, i am not practicing everyday so i am not improving as much as i want to, and it’s not that i have a lot of things to do, it’s just that I’m a little embarrassed to practice in front of my family because I’m afraid that they are going to laugh at me because i suck. also i want to post a video of me singing happy bday but i don’t have permission to do so.

    here are the words with er:

    here are words with un:

  43. jeff krull says:

    I havent been getting any videos since I got lesson 4. Hope to be able to receive more, so if you could please help me out that would be great. Thanks

  44. Hisham says:

    Hey stephen, that was a great lesson. by the way i stopped recieving any lessons like a month ago..was wondering when lesson 5 will be sent!

  45. Chris R says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Thanks again for offering these lessons. They are helping a lot, but I confess that I’m not practicing enough. Just finished lesson 4 and will make more time for practice in the upcoming weeks..

  46. Tony says:

    Hey I was wondering if there was an error trying to send me Lesson 5.
    I havent recieved it yet

  47. Joseph says:

    Great lesson as always, I feel that I have greater support over my breath and my range seems to be more free. Can’t wait for next weeks lesson.

  48. James says:

    Great lesson

  49. Cary says:

    Another great lesson with great insights. The exercises this week were VERY challenging for both my wife and me, particularly the first two with all of the dramatic pitch changes (1 to 8, 1 to 7, and vice versa). It gets even more challenging as we near the top of our singing range. Speaking of that, I find that it’s sometimes hard for me to strike a balance between attempting to sing a note that’s a little out of range vs. switching octaves. I’m looking forward to future discussion about pitch and hopefully about “chest voice” vs. “head voice”, etc.

    Consonant smears are very interesting — something I have not given much thought to in the past. I also do quite a bit of public speaking (I’m a lector at Church), so these insights come in handy from that perspective as well.

    Here is what I found analyzing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “Amazing Grace”:

    The Star-Spangled Banner:

    Dawn’s early light dawn searly
    hailed, at hail dat
    twilight’s last twilight slast
    stripes and stripe sand
    ramparts we watched rampart swe
    rocket’s red glare rocket sred
    was still there wah still
    banner yet wave yeh twave
    land of lan dove
    home of ho muv

    Amazing Grace:

    grace, how grey sow
    sweet the swee the
    sound, that soun that
    saved a wretch save duh
    wretch like reh chlike
    once was lost one swah slost
    now I see now why

    Words containing both “muh” and “er”:


  50. JP says:

    Great lesson. I have recorded myself all the way through and am seeing dramatic improvement. Thanks again!

  51. charlene says:

    charlene, Hey i was reading the star spangled banner lyrics and when it sings “What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?” i heard somebody say the other day what’s so.But thank u soo much for these lessons.

  52. Susan Marlin says:

    I have a lung condition which the singing lessons really seem to help. when I finish the lesson I feel so invigorated so I think this must be a double bonus. Thanks Susan

  53. David Flack says:

    These lessons are fantastic. I’d just like to try posting a YouTube video here of when I recorded John Lennon’s song Happy Christmas over the holidays. Then maybe I can do it again next Christmas and we’ll see the improvements.

  54. freesinginglessons says:

    [But how can I put some “crunch” in my voice without damaging my voice. ]

    That CRUNCH you are looking for is the sound of your vocal chords turning to toast.

  55. emilio says:

    rocket’s red – rocket sred
    bomb’s bursting – bomb sbursting
    was still – wa sstill
    does that – da sthat
    yet wave – ye twave

    amazing grace
    wretch like – wret chlike
    once was lost – one swa slost
    was blind – wa sblind

    those are the smears that really stood out too me

    to hear me sing go to the url

    i still love the excersises thhey are working great keep them coming

  56. Tom says:

    Hi Stephen

    Thank you for the great lessons !
    I need some help though..
    I’m 16 years old and I sing and play the guitar in a hardrock band.
    But how can I put some “crunch” in my voice without damaging my voice. I also always tend to restrain my voice when I sing like that.
    I really look up to james hetfield (Metallica) and I really like his singing style, but I can’t sing the way he does without damaging my voice 😦
    Can you help me with this?

    Thank you,

  57. freesinginglessons says:

    Hi Joyce,

    Glad you appreciate the lessons.

    Been moving to a new system and already re-doing it. In the long run will be MUCH better than the past…. in the meantime, the delivery of lessons got mixed up. Hope to have it fixed soon. In the meantime, keep working with your existing lessons – lesson 4 had some significant challenges!

    Best wishes,

  58. Joyce Polensky says:

    These are really great lessons. Thank you so much. I am anxious to get lesson 5. Will that be coming soon?

  59. juliet says:

    Hi stephen, this is my version of happy birthday. I don’t have any other means of recording it so I just used my cellphone. Thanks for all of you help.

  60. juliet says:

    Hi Stephen,
    What a great lesson for these week. Sorry can’t post my video at a moment. Here is my other assignment.

    Consonant smear:

    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
    (how sweet)

    Was blind, but now I see.
    (was blind)
    Through many dangers, toils and snares
    (danger stoil)

    His word my hope secures.
    (Hi sword).

    Words with er:

    Words with un

  61. BONITA says:

    I have found other words with un and er
    un- truck, aboard, surprise, turn, burn
    er – yearn, fern, stern, sister, brother

    consonant smears – rocket shred glare, bombs spursing,rocket shred glare,many danger stoils, we’ve irst begun, once was slost.

    Hope I did this correctly. Thanks again Stephen.

  62. BONITA says:

    I complete lesson 4. It was very challenging but I went forward with it and achieved.
    thank you so much. Looking forward lesson 5 and will give you my un and er words during the week. thanks again.

  63. joezer says:

    just finished lesson 4,, cuz i have probs w/ the breathing,, but i already overcome it!! soo cool!! tnx!!

  64. Larry says:

    Good lesson. Liked the review of warm-ups.

    Will be working with a keyboard to practice the different intervals.

    Through the years have heard lots of examples of unrecognizable lyrics (misunderstood lyrics). Some are really fuhhy!

    Thanks for helping us.

  65. MA ARRAH says:

    Yes, lesson 4 is challenging, very. Have been trying for 3 days and the only part I can say I have mastered is the 1378531. But you know what, I’ll get there, it is fun!

  66. Paula says:

    I enjoyed lesson 4. I’m having trouble with my pitch. I’m okay on some but sometimes I feel I cant match it properly. My range has extended some My voice is not very loud though, kind of soft. Can’t wait for lesson 5!

  67. Richard says:

    I just finished a big show that my band had at a club last night and felt like sharing something with everyone. I used to really strain my vocal chords on some of the heavier songs we do that have top end vocals on them. But since taking this course, the excersises and they way the lessons make me more aware of my voice and breathing, I woke up this morning and still have my voice. I’ve been singing for a long time before starting theses lessons and they are really coming through for me. Thanks Stephen.

  68. Garth says:

    Still enjoying the lessons very much. Here is a first attempt at loading a song I am singing onto mobile me for mac. The website is still under construction, but it will function for now.

    click on IN THE BEST INTERESTS and it should show you a quicktime audio file. of me singing a Cris Williamson song by that name.

    Thanks everyone for any feedback.

  69. James Jr. says:

    yea i haven’t been posting but i’ll get around to it. lol. the video’s are great!

  70. nura says:

    i just wanna say thank you again!
    this week i noticed the difference between muh & mah finally.. & it helped me get that i pronounce them both muh!
    looking forward!

  71. kat says:

    this is terrible quality but thats all i have at the time.. theres more to come..just giving you something to work with…i hope its ok..

  72. Hope says:

    Hi Stephen!
    I have a question to ask you if we want to get a higher pitch when we sing what do we do?
    Thanks a lot for your singing lesson they work!

  73. Ernisha says:

    Hey lessons are going great so far sorry havent posted a vocal recording yet but will very soon thanks alot stephen i feel like i am getting better everyday

  74. Bryan says:

    Hey Stephen. Here’s more of my singing. Same song. this time..its a video. Please also check it out and give me feedback. Thanks
    And here:

    Please check it out and comment and give me everything that’s bad and good. Please and thank you very much =D

  75. Bryan says:

    Hi Stephen. Bryan here. I’m a beginner at singing but here I uploaded on a mp3 file of me singing.

    My microphone broke and it just happened to be the only song that I recorded a few days ago. So I can’t really sing happy birthday or anything. But I’ll try to post another one after I get a new mic.

    Anyways I decided to do a short part of pop/rnb song Can’t Help But Wait by Trey Songz.

    heres the link:

    I’m only 15 years old and still a beginner so please tell me everything thats wrong. Thank you stephen =D

  76. Mandi says:

    Hey Stephen!
    Thanks very much for those singing lessons. They helped me improve and I can’t wait for the “Pitch” lesson! My voice doesn’t sound bad, it’s just how my pitch is. It seems as if I don’t have a strong enough voice. How do I fix that?

  77. Tammy Thayer says:

    I am really enjoying my lessons and am finally getting the hang of it. Keep up the good work. Thank you Tam

  78. Jasmin says:

    Idk how to go to lesson 4 is it like a video or does it just tell u what to do???

  79. freesinginglessons says:

    Everyone is unique. For some, the range expands rapidly and for others it’s a very slow process. Don’t push! Take your time and continue in your comfort zone… your comfort range will gradually expand.

    When we move to the new forum, there will be more options for individual feedback.

    Until then, keep singing! 🙂

  80. Isobel says:

    Here’s my happy birthday. Its not very good because I was thinking more about the emotion than notes, so I hope its ok!

    I havnt tried putting a video in an message before so I’ll post a link if it doesnt come up ^^

  81. Sam V says:

    Thanks for the AWESOME Lesson.
    i am egrly waiting for lesson 5. Here’s the Link to Happy brithday song. I am waiting for the comments. hope u like it
    I apologise for sound quality (recorded from mobile)
    I promise to upload next good and better version of this!
    Thanks Again

  82. myrna says:

    hi stephen im still not done on my 3rd lesson cos im having a throat problems and till now im still having it but as long as i can im trying hard to finish it
    thank you so much

  83. renay says:

    vowel production
    un er
    understand doctor
    under user
    hunter earning
    won transfer
    undulate girl
    consonant slurs
    starspangledbanner amazing grace
    ohs-ay amazing-race
    dawn-searly hows-weet
    whats-o twasg-race
    lastg-leaming andg-race
    rockets-ed myf-ears
    doest-hat toil-sands-nares
    stars-pangled tisg-race

  84. renay says:

    hi steven, i’m having some problems with the tongue thrills and extending my range. it seems that after a certain point, i’m not able to continue up and i’m wondering if that means my range has reached its limit. it would be great to hear what u have to say.

  85. Tammy Thayer says:

    Thank you for the awesome lessons I have learned so much. tammy

  86. Joseph Stine says:

    My five words for un- rut

    er- runner

    smears for Star Spangled Banner
    can you
    dawn’s early
    we hailed
    broad stripes
    we watched
    our flag

    smears for Aazing Grace

    how sweet
    though now
    but now
    we’ve no
    we first
    ages false
    this face
    oh how
    but now

  87. sally says:

    Hi Stephen, don’t know what is happening to my posts, but they are not seeming to show here….I will try again – I have posted my happy birthday exercise on you tube and here is the link…..

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  88. Isobel says:

    Hey, thanks for another awesome lesson Stephen! You’re amazing!!!
    I’m really happy you talked about the constenent smears, because I tend to do that alot when I’m just focusing on clarity and pitch. I did it painfully alot before you made me open my ears! Now I’m paying way more attention to it now to get out every word, and I think it’s already working! So thank you!Hopefully I’ll try put the happy birthday up soon in a couple of days

    By the way, while I was doing the exercises for the lip and toungue trills I was getting a bit confused. Am I right in saying that lip trills are when you put your lips together and just let them vibrate while breathing out, and toungue trills are when you put your toungue to the top of your mouth and kinda vibrate it? (Slightly similar to gargling water.) Please could you correct me if I’m wrong? 🙂 Ty.

    All the ones I’ve heard are great, so well done! I really liked Jessica’s (the emotion is sad,I guess?) and J.’s. And even though it’s not happy birthday, amazing version of that Elvis classic Lilanne, it was sung brilliantly! Hope you keep it up!

  89. Joseph Stine says:

    I uploaded my happy birthday video.

    My you tube name is ” joe4truth ” and here is my url-

    Hope you can find it

  90. Joseph Stine says:

    Hello Stephen,

    I have notice strength in my vocals. I have been hitting the higher note with more clearity. Using the techniques are a big help. I am going to up load to you tube my Happy Birthday singing, but I hope you can find it.

    Thanks Joe

  91. Felix says:

    This was another great lesson!!! Yea!!!! But now to my struggles. I am struggling with my breathing and as I practice I believe that I am getting better as I do the exercises you have given us. So I will keep trying till I get better. As far as my singing, I think that my voice is not that bad, but does need improvement. I will continue to practice and learn. Great TEACHER! Thanks Stephen.

  92. stargazer says:

    oooooooooooooooops – posted the gremlins to the wrong place….i’ll do it now (to the right one)

  93. stargazer says:

    Hi Stephen, another great vocal lesson 🙂
    As requested by you – I have the following ‘gremlins’ to report – Part 2 spelling error “abomen”
    On the chart,I wonder if 4321 should actually read 1234
    Part 3 –
    freezes after you have played through the piece so I actually cant access the second half of that section.
    Part 4 –
    cursor is out of alignment with notes (i.e. high note sounds and pointer is on low note)
    Video freezes 3/4 of the way through.
    Maybe not enough gremlins to merit winning the one to one session with you, but hopefully helpful all the same.
    I haven’t done my you tube birthday song yet basically because I cannot decide upon the emotion or message I am wanting to portray – finding that particular song a little bit limiting on style/mood shall we say! But I must say that attempting happy birthday with resentment, indifference, or sultriness is amusing if nothing else – thank you again.

  94. Lennert says:

    Hey Stephen and everybody!

    I really like your lessons very much I’ve been practicing every day! Keep up the good work! But I have a question… When is the next lesson coming out?


  95. Lindsey says:

    Hey stephen! sorry for the the dely, and i know this isnt amazing quality…but here goes nothing…..

  96. Dave says:

    Could you put a link to download the whole video thing i like to listen to it without a single buff, by the way lesson 4 is cool can’t wait for the next one

  97. Lee says:

    Here is my youtube website. I have several videos on here, but here’s one.

  98. asaksa says:

    I enjoy the techniques. I did not know there would be music theory with yoga breathing and stretching involved. The whole body-mind-voice concept is great! I hope my allergies subdue so I can see better results. Thanks

  99. bridget says:

    Sorry it took me so long to post. I didn’t get the link to the Lesson until today, (for some reason my e-mail decided to filter it into my SPAM area even though every other lesson has come through just fine). I thought maybe you’d cut me out because I hadn’t posted Happy Birthday yet. (I am still trying to find a way to do that btw).
    UH sound:

    worm, (at least with my accent)

    “The Star-Spangled Banner”
    Ozay ca newsie by the dawn zearl elight
    Whatzo proudly we hail dat the twilight slast gleaming
    Whoz broad stripe sand bright starz through the perilous fight
    O’er the rampart swe watched were so gallantly streaming
    And the rocket sred glare the bombz bursting inair gave proof through the nigh thatare flag wa still there.
    Ozay does tha star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the lan dove the free
    And the home of the brave.

    “Amazing Grace”
    Amazin grace, how swee the soun dat save da re chlike me
    I one swaze lost but nowem found.
    Was blind, but now Ice see.

    I really enjoyed the fact that one of the videos in this lesson ended on the “to-do” list for the lesson. It makes it easy for me to go back and check off what I have done.

    Also, although I technically can do the vocal exercises as played, I have found that I can do them better if I drop down an octave. Is this bad for my voice, or should I just sing where I feel most comfortable?

    As always, thanks for another great lesson!

  100. FRED B says:

    Hi Stephen
    I’m having a little trouble with the survey. It say’s it’s currently closed. can you resend please. Still waiting for (lesson #5)

    thank u & god bless

  101. ZEE says:

    hi stephen jus finished my fourth lesson thanx yo u.

    its verry important too that we know that what we should avoid while eating and drinking can you suggest or tell something because i have heard and read that there r some thing that if u eat or drink your singing will get spoiled there fore there is no use of doing your singing lessons cause all is lost because of it.—– no disrespect sir.

    eg. of etables are yogurt,spicy food,oily food,cold drinks etc.please answer me cause its a very important question.please.

    and by the way your singing lessons rock.

  102. Kamika says:

    I have became less flatter and have more volume in my voice. I hope it gets better during more sessions.

  103. Sagar says:

    Hey Stephen,
    Heres the link for Happy Birthday song. Please Send me my Lesson 5. I M desperately waiting for next lesson. I had promised myself to get lesson every sunday but from 2 sunday I havnt got any of the lessons. PLLLSSSSSSSS.

    I a doing regular 1hr practice of my voice and yet theres a bit of pitiching problem.
    Iknow well that your lesson will boost it up TOOO
    Thanks for all.
    Please Reply me Stephen. I m waiting for reply and Lesson.

    Heres the link:

  104. Emarie says:

    i’m a little behind on lesson due to an family emergency . my happy birth should be posted within the next couple of days.

  105. Angelica says:

    i mean my mom is telling every one not ever one ha ha sorry my bad…

  106. Angelica says:

    hey every one!

    this week was the best i think!!!

    I am having so much fun doing singing!!:) i love it so much…
    my 2 older brothers ,my friend ,and i made a little vid of my brothers on the guitars and my friend and i are singing and we don’t sound bad at all my mom is telling ever one that we should start are own youth worship thing!

    so i wana thank you Stephen for every thing that i have accomplished in singing.

    – Angelica

  107. Arturs says:

    I can’t wait for the next lesson. Really, how far is it?

  108. ghizlane says:

    youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuule
    thank you for everything.i still waiting for the other lessons

  109. Michael says:

    Thank you for another great lesson, Stephen.
    I really appreciate it. I have one question, though…

    When I try to sing the highest notes I sometimes don’t have enough oxygen in my lungs to sing for a longer period of time and my throat begins to hurt.

    My question is how can I develop a way of breathing that allows me to sing for an extended period of time without hurting in my throat?

    Thank you!


    Words with ER:

    Fur (obviously)
    (and most improtantly) Singer!!!

    Words with UH:


  110. richie says:

    i don’t know if it was one exercise or the building on top of other drills but, i have notice changes in my voice. this excites me even more.

  111. Sagar says:

    HIIII Stephen,

    I wanna ask you if i can send my voice recording personally to you. will it be alright? Here we are banned from using Youtube….
    Please help me.
    waiting for reply on

  112. Danny says:

    My lessons are not coming thru , it shows the lesson and part but on lesson 4 only part 1 and 4 had a place to click to start video. I made a post last week because had the same problem with lesson 3 . but I dont see my post.
    Thanks Danny

  113. FRED B says:
    I hope this is right.. but here is my singing video

  114. corona says:

    thank you for teaching me things on music beats.with this extra teaching one day,i can make my own music beats.
    about the youtube video.I dont know how to work it.

  115. FRED B says:

    hi stephen
    it took 3 or 4 days to get all the videos to play but they all finally came up. this week the lessons are tougher than the past ones by far. thats ok though, we just need to practice a little harder. this weeks homework goes like this.
    star spangled banner
    dawn’s early – dawn searly
    what so – wha tso
    twilight’s last – twilight slast
    whose broad – who sebroad
    star’s through – star sthrough
    perilous flight – perilou sflight
    rampart’s we – rampart swe
    rocket’s red – rocket sred
    bomb’s bursting – bomb sbursting
    was still – wa sstill
    does that – da sthat
    yet wave – ye twave

    amazing grace
    wretch like – wret chlike
    once was lost – one swa slost
    was blind – wa sblind
    t’was grace – twa sgrace
    fear’s relieved – fear srelieved
    precious did – preciou sdid
    toil’s and – toil sand
    tis grace – ti sgrace
    thus far – thu sfar
    as the – a sthe
    day’s to – day sto
    God;s praise – God spraise
    first begun – fir stbegun

    5 consanant smears with uh, & er

    God Bless all of you out there and stephen also looking forward to lesson #5

  116. Arturs says:

    Justin, your happy birthday sounded like “happy birthday jerk, i hope you break a leg” 😀

  117. Brian says:

    I still have not as yet been able to sing a clear not or octave but am doing the breathing exercises etc and am feeling much stronger, and I know one day I will break out into song once more.

    THANKS alot for your lessons


  118. toni says:

    hello i realy appreciate may God bless you

  119. Mayukh Gayen says:

    1. Click

    2. Please stop the player at the bottom of the page, which plays a default music.

    3. Play the media player under “My Songs” at the top of the page.

  120. freesinginglessons says:

    Jessica, great on getting your youtube video up. I’m drawing a blank about your emotional state… looking forward to other input.

  121. freesinginglessons says:

    Gotta say, you’re doign awesome work here!

    As far as your video,… hummm… You seem a bit disgruntled, something has pissed you off, but you’re going to attempt to go along with the show so will keep it somewhat at bay, but ready to get even when you get the chance.

    That’s a lot of “story” for a small view.

    Curious to hear where you’re coming from.

  122. Justin says:

    Here is the link to my Happy Birthday video!!!

    Here are the consonant smears!

    Amazing Grace Consonant Smears:

    “The Sound” = “Thazound”
    “That saved” = “Tha Zaved”
    “But now” = “Banow”
    “that taught” = “The tot”
    “My heart to” = “myhartoo”
    “that grace” = “thagrace”
    “Hour” = “are”
    “toils, and” = tollsin
    “we have” = “wehiv”
    “My hope secures” = “my ope sickers”
    “my shield” = “mazheeld”
    “as long” = “ezlong”
    “been here” = “beneer”
    “thousand” = “thouzand”
    “the sun” = “the zun”
    “we’ve no” = “weaveno”
    “we’ve first” = “weeferst”

    Star Spangled Banner
    “Oh, say” = “Jose”
    “Last gleaming” = “las cleaming”
    “Whose broad” = “hoosprot”
    “in air” = “eh nair”
    “land” = “la hand”

  123. Jessica says:

    Justen neglected to tell you that the Consonant Smears were a combined effort. So I’ll post the same ones

    Amazing Grace Consonant Smears:

    “The Sound” = “Thazound”
    “That saved” = “Tha Zaved”
    “But now” = “Banow”
    “that taught” = “The tot”
    “My heart to” = “myhartoo”
    “that grace” = “thagrace”
    “Hour” = “are”
    “toils, and” = tollsin
    “we have” = “wehiv”
    “My hope secures” = “my ope sickers”
    “my shield” = “mazheeld”
    “as long” = “ezlong”
    “been here” = “beneer”
    “thousand” = “thouzand”
    “the sun” = “the zun”
    “we’ve no” = “weaveno”
    “we’ve first” = “weeferst”

    Star Spangled Banner Consonant Smears:
    “Oh, say” = “Jose”
    “Last gleaming” = “las cleaming”
    “Whose broad” = “hoosprot”
    “in air” = “eh nair”
    “land” = “la hand”

    here is my video.
    sorry it took me so long, I don’t have a microphone.. but we found a camera with video on it.

  124. Justin says:

    Here’s my Happy Birthday! I had a duh moment earlier and realized that we have a digital camera with video capture, so I just did it on that. Anyway, here’s the link:

  125. Justin says:

    Amazing Grace Consonant Smears:

    “The Sound” = “Thazound”
    “That saved” = “Tha Zaved”
    “But now” = “Banow”
    “that taught” = “The tot”
    “My heart to” = “myhartoo”
    “that grace” = “thagrace”
    “Hour” = “are”
    “toils, and” = tollsin
    “we have” = “wehiv”
    “My hope secures” = “my ope sickers”
    “my shield” = “mazheeld”
    “as long” = “ezlong”
    “been here” = “beneer”
    “thousand” = “thouzand”
    “the sun” = “the zun”
    “we’ve no” = “weaveno”
    “we’ve first” = “weeferst”

    Star Spangled Banner Consonant Smears:
    “Oh, say” = “Jose”
    “Last gleaming” = “las cleaming”
    “Whose broad” = “hoosprot”
    “in air” = “eh nair”
    “land” = “la hand”

  126. Justin says:

    I’m glad we’re getting progressively more challenging. Everything is working out great. My voice seems to get stronger and I gain more control over it every day. I’m learning how to transition from full voice, to head voice, to falsetto smoothly, and that’s so helpful. As I write songs, my melodies become more interesting and challenging and I can reach high notes with much greater ease. Thanks for these lessons! They are working wonders for me.

  127. ghizlane says:

    hello!how you’re doing today?
    i’m so exating; i can’t wait to be a good singer!…
    thank you

  128. jeane says:

    wow…it helps me a lot,..that’s the thing i want to develop in me as i sang,..breathing part! haha! thanks!

  129. jeane says:

    wow…its helps me a lot,..thats the thing i want to develop in me as i sing,..breathing part! haha! thanks!

  130. lilianne says:

    i dont have anything to record with .. and i dont know how anyway .. so i will try to ask a frand for the happy birthday song … i was in a constest this week end and i have won first place and i never thougth i could because i am soo parelysed when it comes to signing in front of a audience that i cant sing at all and with all the trick stephen gave us … i could finely sing without crashing and loosing my voice in the nervousness … and i haaavvvvve wonnnnnn the contest i could never imagine that …loll never ever

    well i migth not have my happy birthay song but here the link of the contest i have win and the song is love me tender so enjoy i will watch all of you guys



  131. henrietta says:

    i still need to learn how to go about recording then posting to youtube then link it here… will get by it, hopefully soon. =)

  132. Susie says:

    I have finally uploaded my Happy Birthday song onto you tube….here is the link Please leave feedback as this is the whole reason for this process… thanks

  133. Urail Mackey says:

    Some of the YouTube clips did not work but for the most part all the songs were in the happy variety. I still need to post mine, my son is going to help me. I think my 10 week old black lab enjoys the lesson as much if not more than I do. (smile)

  134. Anne says:

    Oh I’m sorry I’m not sure if the website with my Happy Birthday got put on: Here it is

  135. Anne says:

    Here’s the link to a post of me singing Happy Birthday. I haven’t seen the lesson for week 5 in about 3 weeks. Is this normal? thanks again very much for these lessons!

  136. Rick says:

    I think I need to go back and view Lesson 4 one more time. I missed so much the first time through. Haven’t posted Happy Birthday yet. Heck, others have posted other songs. Can we just do that? I already have about 100 recorded. I just don’t know how to post songs on youtube.

    The lessons are great. I just need more time to do the exercises and practice! How did I ever have time to work!?

  137. Farwa says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been up to date with the lessons. I have A LOT of work at school at this time of the year, but I’m done semester 1 soon, so I’ll be able to catch up after my exams. I am always singing though, and practicing the breath support techniques I know. But I just wanted to know if me being behind a bit is going to affect at all?


  138. KING C says:

    Wow! By reviewing several of the comments posted i can tell that this is the program for me! all of you guys are learning alot and becoming great singers! I am new here and I can’t wait to get started to become a better singer too while learning alot!

  139. Sikzak says:


    Well, took some time to pull myself together, and finally get it on youtube:

  140. Christilita Deligero says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I am going to take those materials you offered. I don’t have credit card, I am still applying.


  141. edgar says:


  142. Anne says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I’m sorry this is my first comment, but thank you so very much for your great lessons. I have been keeping up and practicing about 4 times a week and have noticed improvements.

    Just to let you know, when I play the first lesson of this week the scale seems to skip un-sequentially twice on the way down. It goes suddenly high again when it had been going lower, and then it all of a sudden skips down lower several notes. I’m not sure if this is the way it was supposed to be or if the recording got mixed up a bit.

    I really appreciate the lessons you’ve been providing. It is one of my greatest excitements these days. I have always wanted to learn how to sing and am so thrilled that I am finally starting to be able to! Thank you!!!

  143. Fran says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I am going to have to repeat lesson four this week as last week was hectic and I did not get my homework done. I will do the two songs, the video clip and email you the list of gremlins I saw. I know you have committed to us and I certainly want to be committed to the lessons. Also, I have a large project that will have to be presented at the end of Jan and the first part of Feb and I will be out of the country. I will be out of pocket during that time. So sorry. Thanks for the lessons…I am still loving them! My husband even joins in at times during the practice of the Ma’s and Mo’s.

    Talk to you soon and again….Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!

  144. Darlene0111 says:

    Hey Stephen. I am sorry I’m asking this question too too much, but i really want to know.I want to know if I HAVE to sing lesson 4 exercises lying down. Because I’d rather sing them standing up or sitting down.So if you can please let me know before i start doing them standing up (b/c it’s waaay easier this way for me). So please let me know(as soon as possible) if I’m allowed to do them standing up or sitting down.I’ve alreay practiced for today laying down, and it was veeery challenging for me (especially the lip or tongue trills, I just couldn’t get a hang of those).So please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you.

    Darlene : )

  145. Darlene0111 says:

    Words ending with UH and ER :


    (I can’t think of any more)

  146. Darlene says:

    Sorry it took so long. Here’s my video Stephen: (Me singing ‘Happy Birthday’)

    I tried my best.Feel free to leave comments if you please.I hope u enjoy it. I can’t wait till lesson 5.

    I feel more confident and i feel that my voice improved a lot. So these exercises are definitely making my voice sound better.

    I have a question. The singing exercises for lesson 4, do we have to sing them lying down???(If we don’t can i sing them sitting down)…Get back at me asap because I’m not sure, and i want to start them already.Thanx. : )

  147. Darlene says:

    Hey, thanx for lesson 4. I liked the way it’s organized. I just finished listeninr to the 2 songs, and here is what i found:

    Star Spangled Banner
    can you – ca nyou
    dawn’s early – dawn searly
    what so – whatso
    at the – a the
    twilight’s last – twilight slast
    ramparts we – rampart swe
    rockets’ red – rocket sred
    night that – nigh that
    was still – wa still
    yet wave – ye twave
    and the – an the

    Amazing Grace
    Amazing grace – Amazin grace
    was lost – wa slost
    was blind – wa sblind
    that taught – tha taught
    heart to – har to
    fears relieved – fear srelieved
    will lead – wi lead
    good to – goo to
    His word – Hi swerd
    as life – a slife
    mortal life – morta life
    possess within – posses swithin
    thousand years – thousan dyears

    5 words that have the UH an ER in them: (i found more words with UH than ER)


    I’ll come back and post myself singing happy birthday…Thank you… : )

  148. abdul says:

    Until now I am still unable to watch the video for lesson 4. Hope you can do something about it.

  149. abdul says:

    Sorry to inform you that I am unable to watch any video for Lesson 4. Hope you can do something about it.

  150. Sikzak says:

    Gremlins ?? Wow, you’re really making a lot out of this. And I can mearly say Thank You !

  151. Arturs says:

    sorry for double… no tripple post. it was awaiting for moderation like 4 days… i tought something is wrong

  152. Susan Ramos says:

    Hey Stephen !
    I’m sorry I havn’t been posting latley , i’ve been really busy with school and homeworks , I hadn’t watch lessons 3 and 4 til’ now, i’m sorry :S . But i’ll definatly catch up with you guys, i promise, i have been doing excersises from lessons 1 and 2. I’ll post my video on youtube of happy birthday if you’re okay with it. Well, i’m gonna worlk really hard to catch up, i’ve been reading the comments, seems like Rain did a Great job, i’ll check her video out.

    Thank you so much, 😛 Bye !
    Susan Ramos

  153. Susan Ramos says:

    Hey stephen 😀 !
    Sorry I havn’t been posting here, I have been really busy with school and homeworks , and hadn’t really check out lessons 4 and 3 till’ now , I’ll catch up, i promise. I’m gonna post my happy birthday video as soon as I can if you let me . But i’ve ben doing the excersises, the ones in Lessons 2 and 1 , I’ve been reading the comments , it seems like Raine did a great job , i’m gonna check all of the psting now ! well, see you later ! 😀


  154. Louanne says:

    Yesterday I reviewed lesson 4 again to make sure I understand and do not miss anything. I put together a lesson note book so I can take notes. The breathing exercises are challenging, but I’m getting it. Letting your breath out all 12 counts is hard to do. I will keep working at it. Despite time restraints I found time to do my practice each day. I’m learning a lot and find the lessons challenging, exciting and I always look forward to the next one.

  155. Arturs1 says:

    This is me singing happy birthday. Im also in the picture and so on. Try to tell my mood(it’s easy, really)

  156. art says:

    Hello Stephen: The straw breathing is a great excercise. taking in enoguh air in one count to let out up to 12 counts without pitch compromise is pretty challenging. cant wait to see how you can do this with less of the breath noise into the michrophone.

    By the way, I have found swimming to be a great way to develpe the ability of controlled breathing.

    fantastic techniques. thank you so much.

  157. Louanne says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I could not a youtube account set up for some reason. It keeps rejecting some of the information. Here is my homework.

    Thro’ many dangers toils and snares, Thro’man dang toil nare,
    I have already come: I’ve already come.
    Tis grace hath bro’t me safe thus far, Twas graze th brought me safethfar.
    And grace will lead me home. grayswill lead me home.

    Words with uh or er
    1. Bigger
    2. Producer
    3. Heater
    4. Wiser
    5. shutter

  158. Arturs says:

    I am very sorry. I somehow put in a video that was not in a full lenght. Here is a real one 🙂

  159. Arturs says:

    Hi again. I’m sorry for not being so active lately. So here I am, singing. Feel free to comment and tell what mood am I trying to do(it’s not hard to tell is it?)

  160. Anna says:

    aren’t there no more lessons to come? :O 😦

    i am waiting thrilling to have more lessons 🙂
    they are really awesome!


  161. Kristin says:

    I’m so sorry, I totally forgot I was going to post a song! But here it comes:

    I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes on that front 🙂
    I love the lessons, even though I’m unfortunaly often too busy to do the exercises every day. But I’m trying my best, and I really want to improve! Thank you, Stephen!

  162. Florence says:

    i can’t post my url here.. it goes discarded.. why?

  163. YURi says:

    i am so happy im taking these lessons!
    they have helped me improve so much!

  164. Peter says:

    Hey Florence
    No, I am from Latvia
    I’m sure we can do this

  165. Anna says:

    Please stepen tell me can I become a singer when I’m adult? 🙂 I really want to be!! and my dad said that if you work for samething you can make it come true. and mum said “if you want something you will have it too!”
    I’ll work my way to the top!! thanks for your help and support!

    Thanks for everything you have already helped me!!

  166. Florence says:

    hey stephen.. i’ll post my Happy birthday this weekend… hehehe.. sorry bout that.. my pc was just fixed… i’ll follow up those assignments… tnx for the lessons..
    Hei Peter.. your voice was cute… your korean? hoping to meet you.. hehe.. keep it up. we can do this.. hahaha.. Gud day

  167. Christilita says:

    Hi Stephen, I tried to open again lasson 4. Part 3 and the rest appears blank. I don’t know, maybe I am just less knowledgeable technically. By the way here’s my home work. Notice, my response for lesson 3 is under lesson 4. It is because I just cant open the link in lesson 3. Thank you very much.

    Amazing Grace

    Amazing grace, – amzin grace
    How sweet the sound- has weet the sound
    That saved a wretch like me- that save awretch like me
    I once was lost but now am found- I once was lost but now amfound
    Was blind but now I see – was blind but now Icesee

    ‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear.- ’twas grace thattaught my heart to fear
    And grace my fears relieved- andgrace my fears relieved
    How precious did that grace appear – How precious did that graceappear
    The hour I first believe – Thehour I first believed

    Words with uh sound and er
    1. caller
    2. onother
    3. utter
    5. ladder

  168. Christilita says:

    HELLO! I’m sorry for not posting the happy birthday. I need assistance to do this matter. I am waiting for my son to come to help me out. I hope my late submission won’t hinder me from receiving new lessons. I am really trying to cope up, because of my schedule. I am enjoying all your couching and thank you, it helps me a lot. and I also noticed a little improvement in my singing. I have a trouble of opening your lessons 3 and 4. I cannot open all parts in lesson 3. It appears blank.

  169. Joey says:

    Helloo this course has improved my singing in so many ways! just like you said, breath control, confidence, I have had so much fun using my new skill set. I am also able to understand more and more of the vocab my musician friends are using.
    I am looking forward to lesson 5

  170. P. says:

    Stephen, here is the link:

    Please listen and give any comments very soon because I want to delete that asap.

  171. asvathi says:

    hi i was wondering when is lesson five going to come by the way i cant post a video on youtobe or any other website because i dont know how to and no one in my neighboorhood knows how to do it and i dont have a microphone

  172. Mikki says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I am so sorry I don’t have my audio up and running yet. Haven’t been able to figure it out. Someone told me to try using PowerPoint to add a ‘video’ so I can post on youtube or myspace.

    I will try to get it up by Saturday. I don’t think I have much to do this Saturday. I’ve been quite busy with 2 kids and Halloween coming up. We are doing a skit for our church’s Halloween event, Party on the Porch.

    Also, a ministry that I have co-founded is going to be recording a Christmas CD to hand out when we sing Christmas songs on Hollywood Blvd. Your lessons have come at a perfect time. I will be singing ‘Mary Did You Know?’ in the style of Kathy Mattea. I need to work on it. A LOT!!!

    Thanks for your patience and expertise!

    God bless you.

  173. asvathi says:

    wow i am starting to get better i am seaing results

  174. freesinginglessons says:

    Hi Fabian,

    Great job here.

    I realize this week is a big jump for many, though hopefully has satisfied those intermediate level folks who’ve been waiting for a challenge.

    There will be a break before lesson 5, so continue with earlier exercises for a few weeks until you can make lesson 4 work for you – and, you’re correct – NEVER STRAIN to reach these notes.

    More soon.


  175. Fabian says:


    My response so far:

    1.) Body awareness:

    Lying on the floor singing is a good idea. It’s actually part in some vocal therapies.
    You can try lying flat on the floor, after massaging your feet, then send oo’s like in “shoe” into your feet – after that y like the y in mystic into your ancles and then i as in “bee” into your whole legs. A like in “mother” goes to the pelvic floor and O like in opera into the belly.
    This will help getting the sound into the body.

    I could feel the breathing of my back, by the way.

    2.) Breathing

    Nice exercise, helps me getting tension out if my neck when inhaling and exhaling.

    Good of you to mention that there should be no sound when inhaling during singing.

    3.) Vocal topic:

    ah – words:


    I’m not a native speaker, so I’m not exactly sure about those vowels, but that’ my try so far.
    I can’t add any vocal smears to the above also. Think they covered it pretty good.
    But I’ve found one in Jingle bells (fitting sleightly the season)

    Bell son bobtails ring, making spirit sprite
    Oh what fun ittis to ride ansing a sleigh inson tonight.

    4.) Exercises: Don’t know if I am the only one, but this week is just to far ahead of me.
    I can’t do those octave leaps without strain.

    The last two exercises are better, but even here I can do only the first 2 or 3 runs.
    I think I drop out here and go back to the easier ones.
    Or what would be your advise?

    Is there already a lesson 5 out? Or will it take some more time, so I can catch up?

    If I have some time left, I will do the youtube stuff, still have to figure it out.

    Thx so far


  176. Peter says:

    I am so sorry for not posting audio of my singing for so long. I was very shy, because sometimes my voice is ok, but very often it’s just terrible. But now I got it!

    Here is Happy Birthday

    Here is Shadow Of The Day by Linkin Park

    And here is the original song

    I liked your singing very much. I really catched the melody line. For me it’s very hard to sing the melody correctly, but you got it! Good job!

  177. Michelle says:

    This is a great website!
    It really helps me.

  178. raine says:

    can i ask something? when will the lesson 5 start?

  179. charles says:

    sorry for a late feed back .. Another great lesson Stephen, and thanks again.

  180. raine says:

    thank you sir stephen, but i was really shocked that u somewhat chose me haha., anyways i will strive hard so all of our hard work will have a prize in the end., thank you again 🙂

  181. freesinginglessons says:

    RAINE – I LOVE IT!!!!

    And, Congratulations! You’re first in getting a post of your vocals here to the free singing lessons program!!!!

    Okay, let’s have some feedback on Raine’s first post.
    Let me start by saying that Raine is effectively anonymous – ie, we have a name, but don’t really know where or who she is. So, for others who are shy to post, realize that no one will know who you really are!

    Next, what type of feedback are we looking for? In [OUR] world, all of the feedback is positive and constructive!!!! when posting feedback, start by pointing out wonderful aspects of the voice. Next,pull out your microscope and look for little things where you can add CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions for improvement.

    Let’s start:
    a) I LOVE your spirit
    b) overall your diction is very good (a little stumble with the words in the beginning, who isn’t going to miss a word or two when they turn the mic on? :)) all said, I can understand the words and that’s HUGE!
    c) Next, you are BRAVE to sing this song a Capella (without accompanying instrument). This song is much more difficult than Happy Birthday and to not have reference pitches to pull you back – well, in a word, you did GREAT!

    As with even Pro singers, there’s room for improvement:
    d) some of your lower notes are falling to the back of your mouth in tone quality (this is an exaggeration, it’s really a small amount ). There are two likely reasons and easy remedies for this. First, is likely related to confidence in finding your pitch… any time we’re not confident, we tend to loose a bit of tone control. Next, remember the tongue is lightly against the lower teeth and imagine a heavy marble or steel bearing weighing on the back/middle part of your tongue… when the tone slips back, it’s like that bearing is falling back almost down your throat and the tongue in front begins to bow up. The solution? remain relaxed, let the tongue lie naturally with the image of that ball resting in the center (to center back) and focus your resonance upward and directed out your third eye. Also, learn to stretch the muscles beside your nose outward and flare your nostrils like a wort hog – this image sounds really silly, but improves tone quality by letting us resonate in the nasal cavity with less of the nasally sound (not indicating you have a nasally sound, this technique is helpful in all singing and ALSO addresses many aspects for those who do have a nasally sound).
    e) Pitch – we all have pitch issues and singing a capella will get us all! You did great! Over time we’ll learn more about identifying specific pitch issues and how to address them. For now, the recommendation is to listen with a critical ear to identify all of the tiny little places you missed. The more you listen, the more you’ll find, so the next step is to NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP!!!! Instead think – wow! I just learned a lot about my voice! With this new found awareness, take short segments of the piece and deeply “listen” to your voice as you sing and notice how much pitch improves!

    REMEMBER – This is all feedback for ALL of us!!! And, Raine has given us the opportunity to open a discussion on a much deeper level for all to benefit.

    Most pitch issues are because we’re just not listening to ourselves… we get so focused and nervous about singing that we just want to get it out there and get wrapped up in our own personal feelings… Now we know to go back to earlier exercises of listening with outside ears! This is step one in improving pitch.

    Now – EVERYONE!!!! Please take a moment to reflect on Raine’s great post and offer your insight. In the future, I’ll leave feedback largely to the group and only chime in if there’s something extra to contribute.

    Raine – Please do this song again in a month after continued practice. I know I’m going to love it even more!

    It is truly a joy to see us all striving for our highest singing results!


  182. freesinginglessons says:

    Mikki, Your analysis is GREAT. Thanks for your Post!

  183. raine says:

    ahm., sorry for the late action for the message you sent to me., but i already uploaded my video in
    its not a happy bday song ’cause i was not informed., its only the chorus of the song because i really feel so shy and afraid that other people would view my video in youtube.
    just inform me again if my video doesnt qualified to the standards. thank u very much

  184. Mikki says:

    Okay. I’ve got my happy birthday song recorded but not posted on youtube yet. I’m not sure how to do that. I will play with it later today to see if I can figure it out. Is there not a way to post it, if it’s just a recording of my voice w/ no video, to this area?

    Thanks, Stephen for your help.

    God bless.

  185. peppe says:

    Lesson 4 was actually harder that what i thought. In the first two exercises the notes are hard to reach. but it was a good lesson. Thank you and I am waiting for lesson # 5 and im also trying to figure something out to post my work. and I have felt improvement, which is the most important. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

  186. Joav Ramon says:

    to see my work go to you tube under “amm sgula”

  187. Mikki says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I finally was able to do lesson 4. When I do the lessons I kick myself for not coming back to them sooner. Life gets in the way. I have to train myself to not let it get in the way.
    Anyway, here’s what I came up with for the consonent slurs.

    Star Spangled Banner
    can you – ca nyou
    dawn’s early – dawn searly
    what so – whatso
    at the – a the
    twilight’s last – twilight slast
    ramparts we – rampart swe
    rockets’ red – rocket sred
    night that – nigh that
    was still – wa still
    yet wave – ye twave
    and the – an the

    Amazing Grace
    Amazing grace – Amazin grace
    was lost – wa slost
    was blind – wa sblind
    that taught – tha taught
    heart to – har to
    fears relieved – fear srelieved
    will lead – wi lead
    good to – goo to
    His word – Hi swerd
    as life – a slife
    mortal life – morta life
    possess within – posses swithin
    thousand years – thousan dyears

    I believe there could’ve been more in both songs but as I was singing them, I only noted the ones that I slurred, or that I could have slurred.

    Will post on youtube after awhile. Have to pick up #1 daughter!

    Thanks so much, Stephen. You so rock!!!

    God bless.

  188. Alec says:

    Stephen that was another good lesson. So I need to post me singing happy birthday on youtube right? What moods do I have to sing it in again? And where can I buy a metronome?

  189. Peter says:

    I work on my pitch everyday as you taught me and I feel a real big progress! Thank you very much! I’ll try to post audio of my singing on youtube as soon as possible.
    God bless you!

  190. Patricia says:

    it was a great lesson and i thing i doing better thanks for your lessons

  191. freesinginglessons says:

    Anne – Excellent work!

    And, your search for Gremlins was top notch. You WIN the free one on one lesson. I’m going to leave this open in case anyone else wants to put forth a great effort as well (ie, more than one winner possible).

    I’ll be in touch about the lesson – probably early/mid November after we start working with the new songs that will be introduced in the next couple of weeks.

    Congratulations and keep up the great singing!


  192. Anne says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for another great lesson. The gremlin hunting was fun, and the prize is a very worthwhile one. More fun competitions would be welcome please!

    The vocal exercises are getting more interesting and more challenging. I’m very consious of singing wrong notes all over the place, but at least I can hear it now. I find it very helpful when the voice-over says we’ve reached the highest point of the vocal exercise and the notes are coming back down again. I find I’m becoming more aware of ‘hearing’ the notes in a more conscious way.

    I’ve found the breathing exercises have noticeably increased my lung capacity. I even noticed when I walked briskly uphill I was able to talk without losing my breath.

    I looked up a musical score on the internet and was actually able to understand some of the musical notation – so those musicianship lesson seem to be sinking in.

    I’m looking forward to lots more fun and progress with the next lesson.

    Here’s the homework:

    Consonant Smears

    Star-Spangled Banner

    Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
    (dawn’ searly)
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    (wha tso)
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
    (brigh tstar sthrough… perilou sflight)
    O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
    (rampart swe.. watche dwere)
    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    (rocket’ sred… bomb sbursing)
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
    (fla gwas)
    Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    (ye twave)
    Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
    (foe’ shaughty)
    Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
    (morning’ sfirst)
    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
    (battle sconfusion)
    A home and a country should leave us no more!
    (u sno)
    Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution
    (footstep’ spolution)
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
    (do thwave)
    Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
    (thu sbe)
    Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
    (love dhome… war’ sdesolation)
    Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
    (bles twith… rescue dland)

    Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, (Amazin gGrace)
    That saved a wretch like me. (wret chlike)
    I once was lost but now am found, (on cewa slost)
    Was blind, but now I see. (wa sblind)
    T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear. (T’wa sGrace… taugh tmy)
    And Grace, my fears relieved. (fear srelieved)
    How precious did that Grace appear (preciou sdid… tha tGrace)
    Through many dangers, toils and snares (danger stoils)
    ‘Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far (t’i sGrace tha tbrough tme… thu sfar)
    and Grace will lead me home. (Gra cewill)
    The Lord has promised good to me. (promise dgood)
    His word my hope secures. (Hi sword)
    As long as life endures. (a slong a slife)
    Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail, (thi sflesh… hear tshall)
    I shall possess within the veil, (posses swithin)
    We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise (les sday sto… God’ spraise)

    Words Containing Both Uh and Er
    Smother Another
    Brother Busker
    Lustre Thunder

  193. beckie says:

    hi stephan,

    just finnished lesson 4…. sorry it took so long, the play button didnt come up a few times when i have tried it previously but thankfully it came up today! its a great help and those exercises are brilliant thank you 😀 x x x


  194. Arturs says:

    Watched the video and tried the excersises. This is the first time in like 3 or even 4 years i simply cant hit all the notes. They seem very very challenging to me… and I like challenge.
    Also im starting to feel more confidence in my voice and singing. Especialy after i do those excersises, actually only in this program I start to see that excersises before singing are good. I tought theire near to useless or even making my voice worse. I think thats because was trying to sing as high as i can when doing them. Now I dont anymore and it makes a big difference 🙂
    Thanks alot!

  195. freesinginglessons says:


    Feeling the vibrations is great and YES, that’s resonance!

    Not wrong if you don’t feel them. It’s partly awareness, partly relaxation and physical direction of the sound… and, the particular pitch – ie, you’ll feel more resonance on some pitches.

    Keep up the great work!


  196. Peter says:

    I’ve noticed an interesting thing. When I play a note on the guitar and sing the same note I feel vibrations in my face and in my throat. When I sing I feel vibrations as well, but these ones are different. I guess it is because of resonance or something like that. Is it ok? And is it always wrong if I don’t feel those vibrations?
    Thanks a lot!

  197. Peter says:

    Thank you so much! Yes, I play the guitar and I’m going to try both approaches! Thanks very very much!

  198. freesinginglessons says:


    Congratulations on completing lesson 4! Thus far, we’ve not begun instruction on pitch (covered in more detail later), though will give a few tools to start with.

    Two approaches (do both)
    1) Record yourself singing simple, slow scales and develop an awareness for which pitches you’re missing. It’s possible and common that you may be getting most of the notes right (close) and are consistently flat (more common) or sharp only 1 or 2 notes in a scale. If you determine which notes you’re missing, then you can focus on those for improvement. Find a musical instrument such as guitar or piano and practice slowly.
    2) Using an instrument, such as piano or guitar, play a note, listen carefully, imagine the sound of the note in your head (no singing yet). Then play the note again and see if the note in your head matches. If the sound in your head is not the same, do this over a few times until you have it. Then, play the note, pause a second, imagine the note for 2 seconds, then sing the note. At this point, you’ll be accustomed to listening to see if it’s accurate. Most of self pitch correction comes from simply learning to listen to yourself.

    Work with these for a few days and you’ll likely have important discoveries the first day. Report your discoveries here, or send me a private note.

    Later lessons will dive into more detail on pitch correction.


  199. Peter says:

    Hello Stephen!
    Thank you for your amazing singing lessons! I want to tell you about my today’s experience. I wanted to participate in my school choir. I had to get through a test like “pa pa pa” on a 3 tone scale. And I actually failed. They said I hit the wrong notes too often. Now I am a little bit confused. I don’t know if I hit the right notes while doing your exercises. Maybe this is because my ear isn’t perfect. What would you advise to me? How can I develop my ear?
    Thanks again for your great lessons!

    Best wishes

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