Bonus Lesson – Breathing

I hope you didn’t laugh too hard over this lesson!

Please give some feedback on what you learned, what “worked” and could be improved in the lesson.

Obviously, we were having a lot of fun joking around… maybe all the lessons should be more like this?

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198 Responses to Bonus Lesson – Breathing

  1. Azka says:

    Breathing this way isn’t hard, practice can help us get anywhere we want to be. I’m gonna start now. Thanks Stephen and Justin.

  2. prossy says:

    missed these lessons. this was great too!

  3. Ace says:

    Helpful. Wish we could’ve heard a piece of Justin singing though.

  4. Jill says:

    Really enjoying learning. Just completed week 2 and feel more confident. The breathing lesson made perfect sense and I will try this out. Can’t wait for lesson 3.

    Thank you Stephen for all your hard work sending this to everyone.

  5. Dominic says:

    Thanks for more breathing!!!! Really helpful…. and funny!!!! πŸ˜€ As Justin said: ‘Cheesy, but I like it’!!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. Joanna says:

    This was helpful. I know the anatomy but I had not realized how much the back expands as well as the chest and abdomen. Nice practical tips especially to be forewarned about how long it will take to do this naturally. Thanks so much to both of you.

    I don’t know if my comments will go through to you when I press Post comment. I’ll give it a try.

  7. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for the breath work!

  8. Maddie says:

    nice lesson

  9. marilyn flores says:

    this helped alot with my breathing! thanks

  10. Lew says:

    You guys are so corny, but I loved it. Thanks for these lessons. This is a big help especially knowing how to keep that extra 20% breath to keep the notes from trailing off. So many times I don’t have the breath to finish a line without an obvious quick breath.

  11. Lora says:

    This bonus lesson on breathing was quite helpful as well as light hearted. I hope I can master this breathing: at 71, it takes me longer to learn something new than it did a few years ago!

  12. Duane says:

    breath support is very important thanks for the instruction

  13. jossy says:

    Was unable to view the lesson mentioned but will try again later. All the same keep doing the gr8 work!!!

  14. Barbara says:

    Nice demo. Meditation is a great vehicle for controlling breath as well.

  15. Esther says:

    wow didnt know all that hey..thank you guys for taking your time to teach me…looking forward to more πŸ™‚

  16. Andrea Bru says:

    These are really good notes. Thank you so much

  17. its great to know that yoga can help ill take it up thank for this great post

  18. billy ross iii says:

    Always a pleasure to seeing your video on breathing, Stephen. I love the part when Justin Tissue was laying on the table and demonstrating the ability of relaxation for the breathing technique.

  19. Julia says:

    I already knew about this breathing technique but it’s always good to watch a reminder !
    Thank you

  20. Kiki says:

    lol! that was probably the funniest (and easiest) lesson yet!

  21. Cathy says:

    Very insightful. I had heard years ago that most people are known as “shallow breathers” but I never put much thought into it until now. I realize that I am one of them. It felt good to get the oxygen flowing. Had no idea that regular massages are good for singing also-I just started with a masseuse about 2 weeks before I signed up for this so I am ahead of the curve on that one (:

  22. marily says:

    The bonus lesson was very helpful. I have to say,though,that even though you mention lesson 4,I still haven’t received it,as I haven’t received lesson 3!! I wonder why is that.

  23. katejap says:

    I enjoyed this video very much. I think it’s cool to invite guests to expand not only our back (haha), but also our vision on the problems of the singing. Good job! I really enjoyed it!!

  24. Mike says:

    For singing, breathing from the diaphragm is important and as Justin mentioned it will take some time to adjust from old habits to breathe correctly for singing.

  25. Jonny Gibson says:

    Thank you Stephen I kneel and help I can get. I’m 67 years old at all my life I wanted to sing but was too shy but I am going to do it now thanks to you.

  26. Chasity says:

    Greatness…I loved the insight from another vocalist. I also love getting/receiving extra tips to help expand my skills. This is very helpful. You never think about breathing, the importance of it, or the differing techniques to help one practice.
    Great work, keep going!

  27. Beth says:

    That was an awesome lesson! I love the technique!

  28. libby says:

    Very helpful and funny.

  29. Frederick says:

    Thanks for this lesson. I know that I will help me a lot and allow me to be more aware of my breathing. I have already seen results of the importance of breathing in Lessons one and two and this bonus lesson will even improve my breathing awareness even more. can’t wait to start practicing this lesson.

  30. Jacob says:

    Good lesson

  31. Ines says:

    I already knew about all this but I never really paid attention to expanding my back…thank you for warning me about that πŸ™‚

  32. sophia says:

    downloaded flash player and still cant get to the lesson!! FRUSTRATED1111

  33. Miguel says:

    Lets keep it up πŸ˜€

  34. Algirdas Z says:

    This was wonderful and I say that with joy – THANK YOU. Very funny.
    This kind of lesson is just what you would not get being self-taught. The courses have yet to let me down. And all the exercises and awareness are a great help.
    Good luck to both of you.

  35. saki59 says:

    I’m now not sure I can make the grade. They tell you to aim high, but I just want to sing in tune and be able to breath.

  36. Sacha says:

    Great demonstration. Thank you:)

  37. Lily says:

    Breathing right is very important for a singer, and personally I too struggle with it. I had had this wrong habit of singing from the stomach, and it keeps creeping back in. While I knew that your shoulders should not move while breathing, I had no idea that your back expands like that on breathing. With every video of yours I learn something new. Your efforts are really appreciated Stephan. Looking forward to the next lesson.

  38. DAMIANOS says:

    great job ……diaphragm breathing….thanks a lot…

  39. Christine says:

    Thanks both – this was a valuable lesson, essential to do by video as it was really helpful to have a visible demonstration of what happens anatomically, ie expanding on all sides, and more easily assimilated and remembered by being able to watch rather than just listen.
    One Question, if I may, I had surgery some 13 years ago which involved an abdominal cut, which left my muscles weak. One of my biggest challenges is to hold my breath for long phrases. I think the muscles are stronger now but I am wondering whether this is going to be a major set-back to developing proper breath support, or can this be overcome in time, do you think?

  40. Maaz Ahmed says:

    amazing, cleared my concepts about breathing, great job. I can’t thank you enough.

  41. Mercy says:

    Awesome! This is something I struggle with especially since I am a serious athlete!

  42. Sylvia says:

    Very good demonstration. I learned quite a bit about breathing.

  43. Bobbie says:

    I love it please don’t stop sending your videos it really is helping me allot

  44. Old McDonald says:

    Thanks for this extra info. I tend to have year round allergies, looks like this will help. Great lesson!

  45. sandi says:

    Awareness of breath can be practiced anywhere and everywhere with great results. This bonus lesson is a great reminder of that. In fact, all the lessons from Stephen are awakening awareness of a natural voice within me. The benefits can only increase with time. Thank you Justin and Stephen.

  46. kevin says:

    Great!!! Thanks for all your help, it has really helped me a lot!

  47. now im going to spend hour on relaxing my tongue and breathing methods because i really want to improve thnx!!!

  48. nepturnalharianne says:

    I have been having trouble with my breath support actually, and this is really great!
    My previous training (I’m a flautist) isn’t really fitting that much to singing… this, silly as it seems πŸ™‚ helps a lot!

  49. Tina Cook says:

    Thank you so much Stephen, lot of info and great video. Going to be practicing, and looking forward to learning more!

  50. alexis says:

    LOL this is soo much fun! Thx!

  51. Hara says:

    Great lesson…But I didn’t receive lesson 3 so please send it a soon as possible cause I;m really excited:D Thank you so much

  52. George says:

    Haha, the big reveal at the end!

  53. Steve says:

    great explanation of this breathcontrol really helpful! have not received lesson 3 as of yet, could you send it soon please as so excited and looking forward to continuing! thank you

  54. Jim says:

    Amazing, guys!!!

    I feel like I’ve just been included in the performer’s insiders club. I have always remembered ” expand the stomach and don’t raise your shoulders” WRONG!!! Thanks, a million, Justin and Stephen!!

  55. brandi scarborough says:

    I enjoyed to bonus lesson it helped me put more focus on trying to breath correctly thank u

  56. Christine says:

    Hi Stephen, should we do the square breathing with the breathing you explain in this bonus video ?

  57. Christine says:

    Thank you for the bonus video – looking forward to lesson 3.

  58. Roo McKeller says:

    Certainly made me think about my technique. Being an asthmatic, I have a disadvantage over most people as my lung capacity is a lot less. This definitely does affect my ability to sustain notes, especially high ones. I look forward to the other lessons

  59. Richard says:

    awesome tips!

  60. Larry says:

    great tips!

  61. Breathing this way naturally is definitely going in my goals! I may also try to get into some yoga

  62. Aliyah says:

    Great video! I’ve already been using diaphragmic breathing, but this lesson has taught me how to make it habitual. I’ve noticed that when I use diaphragmic breathing, that I don’t have to strain my voice to hit certain notes. Also, I feel more relaxed.

  63. Elizabeth Starford says:

    lizzy says

    thanks for the lesson. it was informative but i haven’t receive lessons 3 and 4 as yet.

  64. sunny says:


  65. Hempstone says:


  66. Tannia says:

    I’m glad Im learning about this now. Sooner than later is always better.

  67. mathew says:

    great way to illustrate breathing muscles-thanks

  68. Linda H. says:

    Very informative lesson. I’m going to start the exercises right away. Can’t wait for lesson 4!!

  69. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to start the program tomorrow! I’m finding the blog very helpful. So excited:)

  70. john taff says:

    Thanks for emphasizing importance of breathing awareness.

  71. kenneth says:

    Thank you helpful information I posted a comment already, however I now see the place to comment to get additional free tips.
    I read somewhere that it is better to breath in through you nose instead o your mouth. Is this true. The difference is that when you breath through your nose the air is moist instead of dry.

  72. Holly Krauel says:

    Very helpful! Thanks for the thorough explaination! And thank you for removing the sheet at the end to show that you were not really doing magic. I could tell by the look on Justins face that he thought that was genius!LOL!

  73. Scott says:

    Thanks Stephen for the bonus lesson. I would have never thought of learning how to breath properly this way. This is really good stuff. I have learned a lot just these few weeks and am excited even more about my future in singing. Thanks again.

  74. lo says:

    Thanks for a well needed lesson

  75. Paul says:

    Stephen, Another Find Lesson To Help Us To Breath Better When We Try Singing. It Will Really Help.

  76. Jill says:

    I did not receive the bonus lesson yet

  77. Jill says:

    My voice teacher always told me that when I breathe I look like I am sipping air…now I know why…Thanks for the advice


  78. Jan Hogan says:

    I thought the breathing demonstration was really helpful, as I have been having a hard time with it, after hearing the comments I am less dicouraged

  79. LeAnne says:

    All of this information is very helpful. Thank you. Also, I have not received lesson two…..

  80. Lien says:

    Thank you for the bonus lesson.

  81. David Cordes says:

    bonus lesson appreciated

  82. freesinginglessons says:

    Every bit helps. thank you

  83. Scott says:

    great bonus lesson

  84. lucimar says:

    Thank you for the bonus lesson. I have been having some difficulties with breathing techniques and this was very helpful.

  85. Olivia Murray says:

    Hi Stephen,

    breathing was my main problem. i started working on it and must tell you it has improved. but with great tips i have seen and heard today.I am feeling much better with this method. especially the part that air fills up all the way to our back. thanks a million

  86. Bob says:

    Hey Stephen,
    This lesson was very well done. It was a lot of info, and in a short amount of time too! I really liked the hand under the arm visualization. I already have some movement! What I found was difficult is to get the same action while exercising. I will be working on that. (:

  87. Sudeh says:

    Dear Stephen & Justin
    the lesson was very helpful
    thanks a lot.

  88. Dan says:

    Twas interesting ^_^ Shall spend many hours focusing on breath now.Thanks again!

  89. Courtiney says:

    very helpful information on the correct way of breathing, thank you so much for that lesson.

  90. Alex says:

    this is just awesome! keep it up!

  91. Claudia says:

    Hi! This lesson was very informative and helpful.I have learned a lot on how to breathe.I really needed this lesson! Thank you so much Stephen and Justin!

  92. Ken says:

    Very entertaining and en-formative

  93. neakveaknoreak says:

    it was difficult at first to breathe everywhere! but with a few days practise i think i can do to the sides but not yet to the back!
    Anyway i think i have long breath now! Good techniques i think!
    thanks alot Stephen and Tissues!

  94. kondwani says:

    Its really getting exciting. cant wait to get lesson 3

  95. Rosemary says:

    Hi Stephen thank you so much for the singing lessons After only one week I noticed I was singing with more ease at the karaoke. Even my husband said well done – He is not known to do this. Cant wait for more lessons. Thanks again Rosemary

  96. jewells says:

    Interesting. Who is Justin Tissue? I googled his name and found nothing about him. Well anyhow, the breathing lesson was cool. I think I might be singing flat because my back is so tence. I might look into getting a massage. I think this will help me.

  97. Pam says:

    This was an awesome lessons for me because as I sing I find myself trying to get enough wind in me to sing a complete verse and sometimes I just run out of air and it makes it hard for me to sing. Need to know when to breathe when singing.

  98. Gladys Vendeuvre says:

    Hi, Stephen
    Thanks for these lessons. I see these lessons are going to help me a lot if I stick on them. Sorry my donation if not that big. I am very thankful for what you are doing.

  99. williams says:

    hi stephen ! thanks for this lesson…it was verz helpful…but i didnt get the lesson 3…i hope i am going to have them…i really need to be on the line…:-) thanks for all what u do…

  100. Alyssa says:

    It was helpful and very laid back! I enjoyed it so much! Thank you!

  101. Vilmantas says:

    I started to record what I am singing and I had difficulty with long notes. Now I think, that I really have to work on breathing much more than I thought before. So I really appreciate lesson like this one.

  102. Sasha says:

    Hi! The lesson was very much informative. I’m very much behind in my lessons. But, I’m starting to catch up. πŸ˜€ Two more lessons to finish and I’ll be caught up lol

  103. Terral says:

    this is really helping but i kinda learn how to breathe and read music in my band class and i’m looking forward to the rest of my lessons

  104. Natalie says:

    I’ve been involved in choral music for pretty much my whole life. I had always heard about “singing from the diaphragm” and “breathing from your stomach”. I had never really thought about the fact that your lungs don’t go that far. Thanks for this lesson.

  105. Evangel layla says:

    very helpful, thank you!
    My real issue though is not how to fill belly and lungs with air, but how to release that air little by little, and make the most of it!
    how to control that air once you have it!
    Thank you! expecting lesson 3!

  106. Emily says:

    I have learned quite a bit about breathing from other resources and feel that Steven and Justin did a good job showing what they could on video.
    I have been working on breathing through my diaphragm for a while
    (7 months?), and I am starting to get the hang of it!
    Thank you!!!

  107. Great lesson! Never knew breathing was so great.

  108. Damilare says:

    I learned a lot in how to breathe and I think it is pretty cool that we have to learn a different way to breathe than athletes. I am an athlete so it is going to be really challenging but I am ready for challege. I might as well get started now if it takes 2 years to master. =)

  109. Heather says:

    Thank you Stephen and Justin!
    This bonus lesson was very informative.
    I learned a lot about breath control and will be using that information.
    It was a very lively video, I enjoyed that.

  110. Lyssa says:

    I’m having trouble doing the breathing excersize. I can’t feel my back expanding and I’m concentrating really hard but I can’t tell if I’m actually doing it right…Can you maybe elaborate on the breathing technique because I, too, have been told only your stomach should expand so that’s what I”ve been doing for the last year….
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  111. annabelle says:

    thanks for the info steve and justin the cloud thign was funny hahaha!

  112. marilyn says:

    I been practicing every day and i already hear the difference in voice thank u very much your free lessons

  113. Benny says:

    this is one seriously necessary lesson, it was very fun to watch and extreeeemely helpfull. thanks again stephen.

  114. Jeffrey Abalos says:

    LOL! Learned this already… but good reminders

  115. Joshua says:

    I’m glad I found time to watch this video. It’s one of the very things I needed. Breathing correctly is one of the most important aspects in singing, and I’m happy I’ve obtained some exercises that will develop my breathing as a singer. THANKS!!!

  116. Penny says:

    This is exactly theinstruction I was needing. I was feeling “winded” and havingdifficulty breathing through some lines while singing. Thanks again!

  117. helen harrison says:

    enjoyed this short breath control lesson. surprised it can take up to 2 years or so to do naturally seems ages away πŸ™‚ i know how important it is to control breath for singing so this all helps especially after using the square breathing techniques which even after a short time of practising has helped. many thanks x

  118. allen humes says:

    Very important lesson. I have been singing for a number of years but have not taken much notice of how I breathed when singing. Thanks to this lesson I now know how important corect breathing is.
    Thanks Steve and Justin.

  119. Carol Meador says:

    I found this to be very helpful, especially when Justin had us reach around our ribcages, then put the other hand down at the side and watch it move out to the side as we learned to breathe correctly. Never thought about the back muscles being used in breathing before, but it does make sense. Thank you.

  120. Vilmantas says:

    Some time ago when I tried to “breathe just with my stomach” it seemed me a bit unnatural. This lesson confirms my suspicion, that we should do it differently.

  121. Nick says:

    Thanks Stephen and Justin that real video was really helpfull and much better than just audio videos I had known about that breathing before but never really quite understood it until today so thanks again!

  122. Shirley Nobles says:

    I really enjoy the breathing lesson. I hope it will improve my singing thank you very much.

  123. Paulo says:

    I didn’t realize that I was breathing in a bad way, I play soccer so I always was “sucking up” the air especially when I felt exhausted.
    I wasn’t aware of my breathing but know I know how to do it … thanks a lot Stephen you’re the man.

  124. Jennifer says:

    I have had many questions about breath support; not just inhaling, but exhaling was a big problem for me. Inhaling wasn’t much of a problem because I was a trumpet player in a marching band, so I’ve got inhaling from the bottom up down pat. Exhaling as a singer was my major concern, and that video helped me a lot, especially the bit about putting your hand under your arm. When I breathed in a few times using that, I felt my sides expand and even got a little dizzy for the first time–I know I’m doing it right now! Thanks so much!

  125. Johnny G says:

    Good stuff for sure!

  126. Carla says:

    Great video! The visual was very helpful.

  127. rose says:

    The video and the lessons are great. I am learning a lot from them

  128. Melissa says:

    This helps alot!

  129. Flowee says:

    That was great. You guys were a lot fun to watch. Now, i know i have to be mindful of my breathing. It may be the most natural thing in the world but it can still be done wrong especially in the area of singing. It was very helpful seeing it being done. Thanks!

  130. Gary says:

    I just want to say thank for the breathing techniques and for showing me how to breathe right always found my self short on air when trying to sing a song Thanks to you and your help.. Keep up the great job and thanks again… Gary

  131. jessie says:

    thank you for these lessons they have really helped me alot the breathing tips i can tell they have helped me alot.i was not that bad of a singer anyways but has helped me alot more. i spent hours on the first lesson.i really injoyed myself. thanks alot.

  132. Shelbi says:

    Very helpful! Thanks so much!

  133. Christiana Szymanski says:

    Just finished watching this (for some reason I didn’t see it in my inbox until now… working on getting caught up as well). I am really enjoying the singing lessons, and I thought this one was quite fun and humorous. I’m very excited to be able to “see” how breathing is done, since most of what I’ve learned in this area has been either audio or hard to comprehend (from other sources on this topic). Thanks!


    Awesome!!! Excellent technique I know this will help me to improve a lot thanks

  135. Mariza says:

    It’s so good to have some direction in this area! Thank you so much, and I will practice on breathing correctly….

  136. Noah Bloomfield says:

    helpful! I was planning on starting yoga soon anyways, so awesome.

  137. Megan says:

    This lesson was very helpful. It might be kind of challenging to get the breathing just right because I’m a very active athlete, and I do breathe differently. I will try my best.

  138. Cathy says:

    Hey! Wow two years to master that! That’s a pretty long time! But I will practice everyday. The goal is to breath out of your lungs right?

  139. Lisa A. says:


    I really enjoyed the extra lesson on breath control, especially as it is my main goal in singing (improved breath control for longer phrases and more volume at the end of phrases).

    I do breathe deep to the diaphragm, but did not completely fill the lungs to capacity. I will now practice this most every day, and mark fewer breath breaks in my music πŸ™‚ (or stagger).


  140. Chris R says:

    Thanks for the bonus lesson. Proper breathing is something I struggle with often while I’m singing..Then if I focus on breathing too much, I forget the lyrics πŸ™‚

  141. Farah Moore says:

    This was awesome!

  142. Cheyenne says:

    This was very cool. I was actually just going to ask what are some excersises we should do to improve our breathing technique and then this email came. Thanx a lot providing these lessons cant wait for the next one.

  143. Joseph says:

    From what I’ve learned beforehand, it seems to be pretty much spot on, but its always nice to reinforce knowledge. Can’t wait for lesson 3.

  144. James says:

    Thanks for the bonus videos, I found it extremely helpful, I look forward to lesson three

  145. Joy Manalo says:

    Thank you so much. I am just starting to watch the lessons. I am a little bit behind because I am always busy with my little baby boy… But thanks I am liking every lesson.

  146. Marti Melker says:

    Hi Steven,
    Iam really enjoying the singing lessons and have started to notice improvement. I am unemployed so I can’t donate.
    Am I going to have to give up the voice lessons?
    The lessons are great and the info is very accquarate and quality.

  147. Cary says:

    Stephen, the bonus lesson was great. I had always heard that breath control was important to being a quality singer, and I’m glad that you and Justin illustrated the concept of breathing from your entire upper body so well. My wife and I are enjoying your lessons together, and we’ve decided to add these breathing exercises on alternate days with the exercises from Lesson 2. We hope to get the technique of breathing out from the abdomen while keeping the ribcase firm and all the way out. I can see how just learning this technique will help enormously in learning to sing from the diaphragm instead of from the throat.

    Thanks for your efforts in puttin this program together. I hope to make singing a lifelong hobby.

  148. Carl W says:

    As the Chinese have known for centuries, breathing right is the key to good health all around. I had the advantage of being trained to breath correctly early in life and can tell you the Stephen is right on track…quality info, keep up the great lessons – Thanks so much.

  149. LEslie says:

    Thank you for the video. I like the visual aspect of learning that are included with the lessons. I also like the short, but helpful and encouraging bonus lesson.

  150. Emily says:

    the bonus lesson helped me alot the interaction with justin was imence at it helped me a lot thanks stephen and justin

  151. Joyce says:

    I just finished watching the bonus video which I enjoyed very much. The interaction with Justin on the visual was really helpful. I now know that I have to practice, practice, and more practice. I have not as of yet received lesson #3 or #4. A lot of years of smoking has really hindered my breathing, but, God has been gracious, in helping me give up the addiction.

  152. Anne says:

    I just finished watching the breathing video which is quite helpful. Your lessons are clear and precise and the visual really helps. Looking forward to Lesson #3.

  153. Duke says:

    Thanks a bunch for the singing lessons. You know have given pretty much a very entertaining show of how to breathe accordingly to the diaphragm. This has cleared up a whole bunch of questions I’ve had with breathing in singing. Your lessons are very easy to comprehend and I’m excited to see which lessons are next!

  154. Goran says:

    Greetings from Bosnia πŸ™‚
    The lessons are wery helpfull, though I’m still waiting for lesson 3, only to confirm it from several sources.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  155. Richard says:

    I didn’t get lesson 3 yet either.

  156. Richard says:

    Very informative as always. It mentioned lesson 4 though and I don’t think I got that one yet.

  157. Nera says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much for this lesson. I will begin practicing . I will view it as my lifetime breath workout.T his will help the years fly by. If yoga works then I don’t see why Palates (hope I spelled that right) should not work as well.

  158. Denise says:

    really enjoyed the video
    there is a problem with audio in lesson two

  159. daniel says:

    i liked this bonus lesson a lot! thx πŸ˜› i got one problem tho… how come when i try to breath to try to make my back also move i cant.. well i can but my shoulders and chest also move a lot.. what am i doing wrong??

  160. coranna says:

    wow I had so much fun watching that one.I’m not really sure I’m doing the breathing technics right.but I’ll just keep trying though.It made me more ready to learn when u joke around a bit.thanks your help.cant wait until next video.

  161. Tanialee says:

    I was surprised to learn that it took the demonstrator two yrs. to get the breathing technique just right.
    I think perhaps most singers, singer wannabees don’t understand how to do the breath control. I have been told that I am a breathy singer but somehow that has seemed to enhance my voice somehow as people have told me that they love my voice–not a swelled head mind you, just repeating what was told to me.

  162. Rohit Daniel says:

    Hi! I haven’t been able to go through the lessons yet but I found the bonus lesson to be quite helpful and easy to understand. Somewhere along the way I developed the idea that its wrong for your abdomen to move while breathing. Well quite obviously my singing suffered a lot and I wasn’t competitive at sports in school. Recently I made up my mind to learn to play the guitar and sing well. While surfing the net for singing lessons I came across a lot of people saying that one must use the diaphragm to breath optimally so I start to practice breathing that way but after seeing your lessons I now understand that breathing is a more complex process that involves the diaphragm, the chest and back muscles as well. Thanks for the lessons and looking forward for more such wonderful lessons.

  163. joey says:

    hahaha bonus breathing lesson was great. if it is going to take 2-5 years to get used to it i better start now!
    My resonance is improving big time and i look forward to my daily lessons and a lot of days I do them twice! Thanks stephen!
    And yeah, where’s lesson 3? i cant wait to start.

  164. Sandra Acox says:

    I just started yoga and I am learning breathing techniques and now I see that the yoga can also help me with singing lessons. I think this is great!

  165. Stephen S. says:

    So Far so good,Your foundation of teaching the music scale first is great and makes it much more interesting for me, thank you.
    May I have Lesson #3 now? Please!

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    PS: Steven, thank you, for the extra instructions on how to get Pitch Grapher working. It took 3 downloads, but finally I did get it to work, although there were some run time error messages, it seemed to do the job as advertised. Thanks for persisting with me, and thanks for a useful tool.

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