Free Singing Lessons – Powerful Voice Lessons are Here!

July 1, 2008

Welcome Singers!

This is the page for all those participating in the free voice lessons program at:

What the program is about:

Free Singing Lessons is a comprehensive 6 month online training program for beginning and intermediate level singers and it is truly entirely free.  Go to the main website to get more details and sign up for free singing lessons.

What this blog post is about:

Until the main site gets set up with a user forum, we appreciate the generous opportunity provided by to host a free area for us to “blog” about the free singing lessons program.  So, this blog may cease to be updated in a few weeks (on the other hand, if it works out, we may post the entire 6 months here).

Questions and Discussion topics (please, only comments from active participants in the program):

1) Share your goals and specific measurable RESULTS for this program

2) What styles of music do you currently sing or want to sing?

3) What is your age and gender?  Introduce yourself and share a bit.

4) What is your geographic location (no street address, just city, state, country)

5) What’s your favorite thing about singing?

6) Share one of your most enjoyable singing experiences.

7) Share a singing experience that did not have a positive outcome (eg, something you’d like to change)

8.) Are you ready to have some great FUN singing?

I look forward to hearing/reading from all of you!

To your highest Singing Results!


PS: When posting to this blog, if you are under the age of 18, please do not include any identifying comments – ie, don’t include your school or if in a small town, don’t mention the name of the town.  If you live in LA, no problem… or to mention your state is fine.  By all means, DO NOT include phone number, address.